The eyes of this dog are so beautiful that you could impersonate a Disney mascot

first_imgWinnie is another animal that has become famous in social networksThis is a UK cocker spaniel puppyWinnie stands out for a sweet look reminiscent of Disney movies Whether we like animals or not, whether they are more fans of cats or dogs, the truth is that humans feel something special every time we see a puppy, regardless of the species. Be it a gorilla, an elephant or a puppy, our heart softens like bread with the image of one of these newborns. However, things can become even more tender when one of the puppies presents typical eyes from Disney movies.Recently a dog puppy has gone viral on social networks, especially his Instagram account, for his adorable appearance that perfectly complements with nice eyes. We talked about Winnie, a cocker spaniel who currently barely has three months of age, but whose profile on Instagram is already followed by more than 235,000 people around the world. And all thanks to its adorable appearance! Cocker Spaniel dog breed. Image: iStockcenter_img In addition to the adorable image we have of any puppy, Winnie loves to look at her owners and the camera with a sweet and tender look, whose eyes seem directly drawn by a Disney artist. It has been this look, that some already compare with that of the Shrek Puss in Boots. Winnie’s short life is being completely transmitted through Instagram, whose owners manage even before birth. The first photograph of it is an ultrasound of Winnie.last_img read more