Abelardo: “It’s almost impossible, but in football you never know”

first_imgWhat is the ideal scenario to try to overcome the tie?Let us score four goals, they none and go to extra time. Everything has to be given in favor. It is very very difficult. We look for good feelings, leave the game happy. We have to try to win and score some goal at the beginning.Will Raúl de Tomás play on Sunday?I do not know. I’m being honest. We are on Wednesday. Let’s see, hopefully. Gradually it makes more workloads.After the defeat in Valladolid has the mood improved?It is normal that the mood was not the best. When you go after analyzing optimism, on Monday we had a very positive meeting in the locker room. I am convinced that we will achieve it. I understand the disappointment of people, but we must not forget that we play with a player less. My players left their skin. Does the key to permanence go through home games?The key is to win seven games. I don’t know if it will be here or outside. We have to go to 300 percent. What do we not save ourselves? Well, I don’t know, but we have to go to full milk. With 11 points nobody has been saved, we are going to do the crush. We have to make a second round of Europa League. The other day was a disappointment, but not against Sevilla. When I came I was convinced that we were going to take it out and now I am very convinced that we are going to take it out. But it will cost us a lot of work.Would you settle for a good game beyond the result?I would like to pass, but I would be content to make a good game, get a victory and recover those feelings from the last games we have not been able to win. It is not easy to maintain regularity. It’s all mental, apart from soccer. If we were five points away from the Europa League we would all believe we would get it. We are five of salvation and ready to compete against anyone.Does the match against Atlético start against Wolves?It may be, I had not considered it. We want people to enjoy tomorrow and be proud. That impacts the pride of our players.Are you worried about lack of faith?My team does not lack faith. It is left over. But it is not easy because we have to add many points. The team is looking forward to it, it shows me in each trainingThey haven’t taken David’s card …It was logical, as long as there is contact, they are not removed. Are the cancellations in the call by technical decision?Dídac and Javi are left out by technical decision. It’s a game for Pipa, Victor or Pedrosa to have minutes. Bernardo has a little discomfort in his foot, it was best not to force him. Marc Roca also has a tendon problem. Raúl de Tomás is not 100% yetIn what mood do they face the game?With that of making a good game and winning. We look for that. We have to think about playing a different game than we did there. We play at home. We will try to win and maintain good feelings at home. It’s almost impossible, but in football you never know. Maybe we give a surprise and we can fight the tie.last_img read more