Research reveals bullying in the NHS

first_imgMore than six in 10 care professionals in the NHS have witnessed bullying inthe workplace and one in 10 now suffer similar symptoms to post-traumaticstress disorder, research finds. A nationwide study shows that over the last two years, 68 per cent of NHShealthcare staff had observed bullying taking place in the course of theirwork. The research, presented to the British Association for Counselling andPsychotherapy, also reveals that 40 per cent of the 165 individuals surveyedhad been bullied themselves. Chartered psychologist Noreen Tehrani, who conducted the research, said itwas possible that care professionals were more vulnerable than others or weremore likely to identify bad behaviour as bullying. Marie Cleary, HR manager at Poole Hospital NHS Trust, said the pro-activeresponse to bullying in the NHS was leading to a rise in the number of reportedcases. “It is an area all trusts are looking at. We needed to find outwhat was happening. We knew numbers would rise slightly but that will levelout,” she said. She added that her trust has introduced more training in the area andencloses a leaflet with every pay packet to encourage staff to report bullyingand harassment. Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos. Research reveals bullying in the NHSOn 28 May 2002 in Personnel Todaylast_img read more