SJC bans bop after spate of vandalism

first_imgSt John’s has suspended the next college bopfollowing several incidents of vandalism to College property. The 8th week bopwill go ahead as long as there is no further damage to college properties.College authorities have also announced that the entire JCR and MCR will haveto pay for the damages. Faeces and urine were found in St John’s table tennisroom by cleaning staff a fortnight ago, as reported in Cherwell last week. In an email to theJCR, Senior dean Dr Carolyne Larrington said that a professional cleaningcompany was called in to decontaminate the room, at “considerable cost to theCollege”. Last Saturday, following a St John’s bop, Collegesquash courts were vandalised. A third year undergraduate said, “As Iunderstand it, a fire extinguisher was dropped from the balcony of the squashcourt, and exploded on the floor.” In the basement of the Beehive accommodationblock, rubbish was tipped into one of the toilets, leaving it in “an unusable state”.Walls in the JCR Games Room were also vandalised and a pool cue was pushedthrough the felt of the pool table.College authorities areconducting an investigation into the vandalism. Dr Larrington said that “itwould be in everyone’s best interest if he or she contacts the Senior dean on aconfidential basis.” Several  undergraduatesat the College have been summoned by the Senior dean for questioning. DrLarrington declined to comment on decanal proceedings. Harry Kretchmer, JCR President, plansto meet the Senior dean with several JCR members to discuss the recentvandalism and action proposed by the College authorities to deal with it.Kretchmer will also raise the issue of vandalism at the next meetings of theJCR-MCR Joint Council and the decanal Committee.Speculation as to the identity ofthe “college poo bandit” is rife around StJohn’s. Some JCR members have noted that the faeceswere discovered following a St John’sand St Anne’s joint rugby team curry night. Last Tuesday a Cherwell reporter received a text messagefrom a member of the rugby team which said, “If the story sees print, I will huntyou down and kill you.” At the time of sending, the rugby team was on a crewdate at The Bridge. “Exclusions have been mentioned,”said Kretchmer, “though they may only be temporary.” In an e-mail to the JCR, DrLarrington said, “The damage to the Table Tennis Room last week will be paidfor by a general damages levy across the JCR and MCR. Further levies may beimposed.”Some members of the JCR feel thatthe general damages levy is unfair. A second year at the College said, “I wasn’teven at the bop, man, and I didn’t even shit in the table tennis room. I don’tsee why I should have to pay for it.” “I’m not planning on paying the levy,”said Clem Mitchel, a third year, “it’s like they’re trying to hit a nail with asledgehammer.” Another finalist added, “It’s ridiculous that the SCR doesn’thave to pay the levy. Dons are just as likely to poo on the walls as firstyears.” Kretchmer said, “While there is asense of ambiguity over the identity of the culprit we all have to take responsibility.Everything rests on whether someone is caught.” He said that investigationsinto the vandalism were ongoing and that “the JCR Committee is working closelywith the Senior dean to resolve the issues surrounding these incidents”.He added, “This behaviour is not representativeof St John’sJCR or MCR, many of whom have written to me expressing their disgust at the incident.”“Day to day I find the College to be an extremely pleasant friendly community.”ARCHIVE: 3rd week MT 2005last_img read more