Buyo: “At this level, Courtois is among the three best in the world”

first_imgMadrid started badly in defense, but it has improved very fast. What is the password?If you have great defenses and the rest of the team is supportive, everyone works and helps, there is the reason; The teams are assembled from behind. It is also the second year of Courtois, the controversy with Keylor is already far and that tranquility has been very good for the team, the defense and himself.Has it freed you a lot to leave Keylor?In Madrid you are never guaranteed the site, you must always press. Keylor is gone, but there’s Areola, you can’t sleep. Madrid has always had great players, that’s why it is the most successful team, that’s why it has won everything it has won.The Bernabéu came to whistle and in Getafe saved the team. Did he go unfair with him?Madrid has always had great goalkeepers who earned points. He made three fantastic stops. The first, that of Arambarri, is the best. It is a quick and very powerful shot, it was very fast reflexes, it was fantastic. On the pitos, everything coincided: the team was not at its best, neither was it … The first year when you change and team, and more if you arrive at a club like Real Madrid, so demanding, you are under a lot of pressure, you need A period of adaptation. The second year is the year of consecration, when you have to prove. If Courtois continues at this level, it is among the three best goalkeepers in the world, for sure.Is he the best goalkeeper in the league right now? Luckily we have three great references, Oblak, Ter Stegen and Courtois. It is a blessing to have goalkeepers of this level, not forgetting other greats. Spain and Madrid, if they have been characterized by something, is for having high-level goalkeepers.Do you see him winning the Zamora?Madrid is a team that starts with a bit of disadvantage in this regard, the attack prevails more than the defense, not as in other teams that play not to fit and then see if they can do any. We have always had a disadvantage compared to other teams in that aspect, but I see Madrid very aware that it should defend better, be supportive. On Saturday without Ramos, Varane took a step forward, Militao demonstrated his potential, just like Mendy … The important thing for Madrid: that the generational relay in defense is assured.The last white Zamora was Casillas, 12 years ago …Madrid sometimes does not care to fit as long as it gets two, three goals more than the rival. It has always been characterized by clearly playing the attack, among other reasons because the Bernabéu’s own public does not allow you to play backwards, to spare it, to play with the goalkeeper … That he does not like attacks in that stadium.More merit for you, who won the award twice.Two and one who owe me, which I have to claim, they just gave them to Jorge D’Alessandro (those from 1974-75 and 1976-77) and for the same reason I have the one from 1992-93 (I Liaño and Cañizares won, with an average of 0.83 goals per game; Buyo averaged 0.73, but only played 26 games). If they have given it to other colleagues, I deserve it too. It is one thing in which there are already two or three precedents, it is justice. I will claim it.Returning to Madrid 1987-88: that team fit very little and also scored many goals, no less than 95.We defended well, but we attacked better. We played by heart, it was a great team: Quinta del Vulture, Hugo Sánchez. We played football very well, we had a lot of merit.And now Madrid is missing that goal that was then left over?He has fewer goals than he has generated: clubs, rival goalkeepers with outstanding performances … He could perfectly carry ten more goals, but that is what he has. The scorer deficit is there, we will not deny it, but there are other players who must step forward. Benzema has already given it, hopefully Bale, Hazard, Rodrygo or Vinicius do it too. If they do, Madrid will be in safe champion numbers.Do you see league champion?Yes, it is the team that, joining defense and attack, I see more solvent. A team that has grown a lot compared to last year, which was a transition, a bad year in all aspects. Now I see him very solid and mentalized, he will continue to grow and can fight the League; Nor would he rule out for the Champions League, in fact the first goal is already, the Super Cup.Does the Super Cup come to Madrid at a good time?Yes, sorry for Hazard’s injury, a very important casualty. But despite that, Madrid has the potential to conquer the title, sure. Madrid have conceded 12 goals after 19 league games, it didn’t happen since the 1987-88 season, with Quinta del Vulture on the field and you in the goal.I remember we were a great team, we dominated the League, we won five straight. We were a very difficult team to beat, we defended well and attacked better. That team had a lot of merit, and with only three foreigners in addition.center_img Precisely this Madrid what does not dominate is the League.No, but in return he has dominated in Europe. Even so, we are the team with the most leagues. Barça is a great team, with great players, it is normal for me to win titles. It has lost ground with them, but it has also expanded in Champions, I do not know what will be better … Surely for the Real Madrid is a pride.last_img read more