Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar written update: Salman asks Sreesanth to toughen up; Anup, Saba are the culprits of this week

first_imgBigg Boss 12’s first week is over and host Salman Khan is back with this season’s first Weekend Ka Vaar on n his form during this season’s first weekend ka vaar. He even hummed his own version of BB song.Bigg Boss played a prank on the housemates by giving them some concocted stories through journalist Dibang. He said that Salman Khan will be talking to Srishty about her comments on Anup and Jasleen’s relationship and also Saba and Somi, whose prank divided the house. This left Srishty thinking, who couldn’t remember any incident where she talked ill about the couple. She talks to Sreesanth who asks her not to worry and also gives her a mantra. She keeps reciting that mantra while Salman enjoys watching her all worked up.He meets the contestants through the TV and extends the prank. He targets Srishty and reminds her that there are cameras in the house, and Anup and Jasleen are matured couple and no one has a right to comment over their love life. She tells that she feels Jasleen doesn’t like her much but she is fond of Anupji. However, she would like to know what has she actually said. In a very dramatic way, Salman tells her how can she not remember that she hasn’t spoke a word against them. Srishty takes a sigh of relief.He calls Shivashish English speaking body builder and asks him to bring the housemates from the prison. He asks Deepak to give him whole week’s bulletin but in English. He entertains the actor and others with his funny English. Salman asks Anup if he is liking it inside the house. He says he is good and also sings a song on the actor’s request.advertisementPost the song he asks the housemates to select the gunehgaar of the week. Most of them named Saba while few named Kriti, Shivashish and Dipika.Salman asks Saba why has she got the maximum votes to which she says that maybe because she isn’t diplomatic like others. Dipika tells Salman that Saba and her sister are rude for no reason and also gives example how she tried creating problem when duties were being assigned. When Neha Pendse told that disagreements happen in family, Salman asked the make up their minds if they are family or competitors.He tells Sreesanth that he used a very heavy word upbringing. He tells him that he was angry and couldn’t control his emotions. Salman asks Saba to sit and asks Dipika why was the first task cancelled. She blames it on Sreesanth.When Dipika gives points against Shivashish, Salman tells her that she should have spoken during the task as it was Jodi versus singles and Sree is in their team. He also asks Shivashish why didn’t they say any point against Sree.He also reveals that he the Jodi would have played the task well, all the jodis would have saved groom elimination as they were 2:2.Later, he declares Dipika and Srishty safe for this week. Salman leaves them for a while. Sreesanth talks to Dipika and Neha and tells that the issue raised by Salman is done as he had already apologised. He tells that he had forgotten about it but the discussion brought everything to square one. He tells that the is sure the way he is going, he doesn’t want to be in the show. He goes inside the bathroom and breaks into tears. Karanvir goes inside and asks him not to breakdown as he needs to control himself and this is a test for him.Once Salman is back, everyone gathers in the living area. He asks for Sree and KV and makes fun when they say they both are in the washroom. He asks Sreesanth to toughen himself.Salman praises everyone in the Raja-Rani task as everyone played their part well but he asks Romil what happened to him as he was playing for which team. He tells him that he is attached to Sree and didn’t like his reaction. Salman tells Romil that the band has a special song for him i.e. Kahin Pe Nigahen Kahin Pe Nishana. He takes a dig at the contestants and tells them that he is glad that such gentlemen have come in this season but Colors isn’t liking it.The caller of the week has a question for the jodis team, and asks why do they take suggestion from Karavir Bohra, who is from the opposition team. Romil tells that the concept was clear that it’s Jodi vs Singles but they didn’t know that task they had to play as a team. Salman tells them that the celebs are very clear about it and now they need to clear their head.advertisementAfter the discussions, Salman again asks the housemates to name the gunehgaar of the house. This time maximum votes go to Anup Jalota. He tells Salman that he has been observing the housemates for six days and he had seen captain’s qualities in Dipika on the very first day. So, when he was given the task, he thought Dipika is perfect for this but wanted to see how the teams perform. Deepak and Jasleen get into an argument.Salman tells them as they selected Anup as the gunehgaar, he is will sent to the torture room. He also gives him an option that he can send Jasleen in his place. But, he doesn’t agree to it as it was his decision to select Kriti and Roshmi as the captain. In the torture room, Anup is asked to keep a pipe in his mouth, through which he has to drink karela juice, milk and egg mixture. He sportingly has the fluids.He tells that he will reveal the eliminated names of the contestants tomorrow. After Salman leaves, everyone apologises to Anup Jalota for putting him through the torture. Now, the house is divided into two teams. Romil makes strategy with Kriti, Roshmi and Saurabh that they need to play as a team and break the singles team targetting their weakest link Srishty.Later, Varun Dhawan enters the house and meets the housemates. He tells them that they are trending all over and also says that the jodis are the most entertaining. He asks him and Jasleen to sing one of his song Saturday Saturday in bhajan format. While they sing, Shivashish and Kriti are asked to dance.Also read: Bigg Boss 12: Salman slams Sreesanth for upbringing comment, cricketer threatens to quit showlast_img

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