first_imgCoffs Harbour Mayor Jenny Bonfield visited the Coffs Harbour International Sports Stadium last night to welcome the Australian Touch Association and the National Touch League (NTL) to Coffs Harbour. Mayor Bonfield highlighted the importance of the NTL tournament to the Coffs Harbour community, commenting that Coffs appreciate and also enjoy having ATA and the players, officials and spectators because of the impeccable behaviour that is always shown. She also commented that hosting the tournament is positive for the economic and social growth of the region. “ATA has won by being able to host their event here in Coffs, but Coffs have also won by having the tournament here. Having Australian Touch here is a great thing economically but also a great thing for our community, especially our kids, who have the opportunity to see and be involved in other sporting events.” Mayor Bonfield thanked all of the sponsors of the tournament as well stadium management and staff, before talking about the Coffs Harbour application to host the tournament for the next three years. “Being the Mayor I can honestly say we are keen as mustard to have you back here. We have the town, the willingness, we want you guys and your tournament back here for the next three years.” Chief Executive Officer of ATA, Mr Bill Ker, then thanked Mayor Bonfield, the Coffs Harbour Stadium staff, the sponsors and the community for their support of the tournament. Mr Ker highlighted how well Coffs Harbour receives the tournament. “The players never stop talking about how great Coffs is, how it’s the best touch football ground in Australia and how great the community is.” However, Mr Ker then mentioned the application process for the right to host the NTL tournament for the next three years. “We do want to see this sport grow and continue to get bigger and better. We are going through a period of change and by the end of April we should have reached a decision on where this tournament will be heading for the next three years.”last_img

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