Maritime Canada Governments Support New Emergency Radio System

first_img An investment by the Maritime provinces and the government of Canada will help better protect the people of the region with a ground-breaking, public-private partnership emergency mobile radio system. Bill Estabrooks, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, made the announcement today, May 10, with federal Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty, and provincial counterparts Dr. Ed Doherty, New Brunswick Minister of Supply and Services, Doug Currie, Prince Edward Island Attorney General. The government of Canada will contribute up to $50 million through PPP Canada to help implement the initiative, with the provincial governments contributing to construction and operational costs. “The Trunk Mobile Radio system is a vital link among first responders like police, fire and emergency health services,” said Mr. Estabrooks. “We are taking action to make sure this important system stays strong and reliable for the health and safety to Nova Scotian families, while ensuring seamless communications with our Maritime partners.” “Governments around the world have been increasingly turning towards P3s to take on the responsibility of designing, building, financing and operating public infrastructure,” said Mr. Flaherty. “P3s represent an innovative approach to infrastructure investment. Today’s announcement will improve the infrastructure for emergency radio systems across the three provinces, making it easier for first responders to do their jobs, and enhancing the safety and security of Maritimers.” The provinces operate three separate, incompatible emergency radio systems that are at, or approaching, the end of useful operation. The new system will be used in all three provinces by the hundreds of local fire, police, emergency medical, search and rescue organizations, as well as federal and provincial departments and agencies. “Communications interoperability is a basic necessity to enable efficient and effective responses to situations which threaten our public and property,” said Mr. Currie. “We are pleased to work on this co-operative initiative, along with our Maritime counterparts and the government of Canada, to facilitate implementation of a communications tool that will be a valuable asset to professionals in our provinces who respond to daily emergencies and disaster situations.” “We are pleased to be moving forward with New Brunswick’s next generation radio communications project,” said Dr. Doherty. “Having advanced technology is critical to timely response, especially in times of crisis. The collaborative partnership between the Maritime provinces and government of Canada is essential as we work to create the first of its kind multi-province radio communications system.” The project is the first of its kind in Canada. By pooling resources, and with support from the government of Canada, the three provinces will be able to deliver a system, which would otherwise have been unaffordable. Maritime, Canada Governments Support New Emergency Radio Systemlast_img

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