5 Institutions of Vocational Training Tourism Win First Prize for

Rabat – Five Moroccan institutions of vocational training for hotel and tourism in both public and private sectors last Friday were awarded the 2016 first prize for excellence in Morocco, according to a communiqué obtained by Morocco World News.The award was handed in a ceremony organized by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of National Educational and Vocational Training in collaboration with the Office of Vocational Training and Promotion of Employment (OFPPT), the National Confederation of Tourism, and the National Federation of Private Vocational Education.The prize went to three public schools: l’Institut Spécialisé de Technologie Hôtelière et Touristique de Mohammedia; l’Institut Spécialisé de l’Hôtellerie et de la Restauration (ISHR) and Polo de Casablanca et l’ISHR Marrakech, whilst the other two private schools were l’École Hôtelière de Casablanca et le Centre Casablancais de Formation Appliquée (CCFA) de Marrakech. The prize of excellence, a tribute awarded by the Ministry of Tourism and OFPPT, aims to recognize both the public and private hotel and tourism training institutions that are distinguished by standards and criteria of quality and performance.According to the same communiqué, the purpose of the project is to have a highly international dimension in terms of human resources and to develop the Moroccan hotel and tourism industry.Photo credit: MAP“The aim of this award is to choose the schools that have a high level of quality in terms of infrastructure and training programs,” Lahcen Haddad, Morocco’s Minister of Tourism was quoted by Moroccan news agency MAP as saying.The prize is attributed based on 13 criteria, including the attraction of the institution; the management quality; the infrastructure of the institution; good governance of the institution; the improvement of the quality; the provision of programs and internship in companies and integration with the others.Rachid Belmokhtar, Minister of National Educational and Vocational Training, highlighted the importance of the award, which “has a positive impact on the quality of [higher educational] training schools.”Photo credit: MAPPhoto credit: MAP© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission.

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