Attempted murder charge added for man accused in girls abduction

Hamilton Police now believe the suspect in a recent child abduction investigation intended to kill his victim.John Adam Greene, 29, has been charged with attempted murder. Greene is due here in court in Hamilton this afternoon for another hearing. This time with the attempted murder charge added to his earlier charges of abduction, aggravated sexual assault, other assault charges, and threatening death.Green was charged after a little girl was abducted and sexually assaulted in May in a building at 21 Sanford Street in Hamilton. Neighbours say the girl was in grade 1. They say the abductor cut her and poured bleach on the cuts. Police now say their investigation shows there are grounds to conclude that he intended to kill the little girl.During his last court appearance, police kept Greene in a wheelchair with his legs shackled and wearing a helmet so he couldn’t hurt himself. He kept talking and swearing over the judge throughout the hearing.He was scheduled for a video appearance from jail today at 2:00.

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