Show time for a revived Howes Theatre

Attendees check out a new painting by alumnus Ed Spera, part of the latest upgrades to the David S. Howes Theatre.A crowd broke into applause at the David S. Howes Theatre on Dec. 7. But this time, it was to celebrate the completion of a half-million-dollar facelift, and thank the man whose gift made it possible.Longtime Brock supporter David Howes — who has served more than a decade on the University’s Board of Trustees, including a term as chair — was on hand to formally welcome the upgrades that have greatly improved conditions in the 500-seat facility.In recent months, the much-used cultural and academic venue has received significant upgrades to its stage, sound system and auditorium bulkheads. It has also received a major lobby overhaul that included the addition of bay windows, LCD-TV monitors, display cases and a new ceiling.Perhaps the most visually striking addition is a painting commissioned by Howes and done by Niagara-on-the-Lake artist — and Brock alumnus — Edward Spera. “If a Tree Falls in the Forest” is a moody, powerful four-by-eight-foot acrylic on masonite that depicts a gray wolf along an abandoned logging road in British Columbia.About 50 people who turned up for the celebration event heard Brock President Jack Lightstone say that Howes has “yet again made Brock University a better place.”“These upgrades will enhance the experience of every student who attends classes or performances in this facility,” said Lightstone, “and for thousands of people from across the Niagara region who come to this theatre for all manner of cultural enrichment.”Howes took the comment in stride.“Brock has over the years given more to me than I have given to it,” he said. “We were just happy to have the opportunity to come back and renew a facility that needed renewing.“I hope we have set a trend in doing that.”Theatre upgrades include:upgrades to the sound system and stagepainting of bulkhead and wood panelingLobby upgrades include: installation of bay windows replacement of lobby ceiling addition of LCD TVs installation of display cases, benches, lighting and signageJack Lightstone, David Howes and Ed Spera

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