Gran Turismo 5 has a car damage and physics problem

first_imgI hate to say it, but after 5+ years in development it looks as though Polyphony Digital needed to spend a bit longer tweaking certain aspects of Gran Turismo 5.As the video above clearly demonstrates, both physics and car damage are not working properly. The car flying through the air hardly seems to take any damage as it bounces along the floor. For some inexplicable reason it also manages to start bouncing higher midway through the crash. To top it off the car lands wheels down at the end and drives off.But these are minor details, and the video also demonstrates what you need to do to highlight the problem: carry out acts GT5 wasn’t intended for. It is not a stunt game after all. On the whole the game is getting good reviews and is selling well. Used as the car simulator it was meant to be, Polyphony looks to have delivered.Saying that, I’d still put good money on the game getting a patch at some point next year, hopefully with these issues fixed.Read more at CVGlast_img

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