Geek Harnesses Nature Turns Outdoors into PC Cooling System

first_imgHarness the power of nature’s winter wrath by turning it into your own PC cooling system. Hack-a-Day showed off a geek’s setup of his rig next to a window with, what looks like, a dryer duct enabling a seamless connection between the great outdoors and his tower. The computer system’s internal fan sucks in the cold air, which when mixing with the hot air inside the PC may cause unwanted condensation. Ultimately leading to rig death. While a brilliant showing of how to “go green” with an o-natural cooling system, it’s not a perfect system. Even though the outdoor portion includes a hood, damper, and some Scotch Brite pads as a filter, there’s always the factor of having your PC a little too cold. Though this could be the poor-man’s solution to keeping high-end heated components cool without a liquid-based system.last_img

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