Homemade NERF Gun helps you get the drop on your coworkers

first_imgThe problem with using store-purchased NERF guns to use in covert office or home warfare is that they are usually bulky and brightly colored as heck with yellow and orange color schemes. This often makes it hard to get a bead on someone from across the room without them noticing you first. Good thing for NERF assassins, there is another option if you are rather handy at creating things: make a foam dart gun of your very own.Seizing the chance to create a homemade foam dart gun that out performs what you can buy at retail, Simon from New Zealand went to work and fashioned a pretty sleek and rather impressive NERF-like weapon. Made from an aluminum tube, PVC, wood, plastic, and a few other parts, Simon’s NERF pistol completely out performs its retail plastic counterpart, a NERF Maverick. Just watch Bender meet his demise at the hands of Simon and using his DIY foam dart gun.Read more at found Asciimation, via DVICElast_img

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