Toshibas latest TV uses zero power in standby mode

first_imgThe power consumption of electrical devices is always up for discussion as the price of energy rises. While the amount of energy required to power flat screen TVs and monitors has reduced significantly over the past few years (mainly due to the use of LEDs), one sticking point remains: standby mode.When you turn a TV off, it is typical for it to remain in a standby mode ready to be turned back on again with a remote. This mode requires power, although not very much of it (typically 1 or 2 watts). However, if you’ve got lots of devices with a standby mode, the power consumption adds up if you view it over an extended period, say a year. Also, it is a complete waste of power just to offer the convenience of a TV that is quick to turn on.Toshiba has decided to fix this issue with the launch of a TV carrying a new Eco Chip. The company claims the standby mode on this TV uses zero power.The 32-inch TV in question is called the Regza 32BE3. When in standby mode there is no power drawn from AC at all. Instead the Eco Chip has been combined with a large-capacity capacitor, capable of providing enough electricity to power the chip and therefore accept input from the remote. So you still get that instant-on functionality by pressing a button on the remote, but you lose the constant power draw required to make it happen.Toshiba has also tried to make the Regza 32BE3 very low power even when in use. There are two backlight modes that not only cut the backlight by 50% and 75%, but auto-adjusts the image to cater for the lower light level. You can also set the TV up to automatically go into zero-power standby mode if no input is received for 3 hours.Overall, using this TV should see your power use drop compared to an equivalent model not using the Eco Chip. Toshiba compares it to the previous 32-inch TV they released (the Regza 32A2) and claim a 27% power saving.Read more at Tech-On! and Toshiba (translated)last_img

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