Zone of the Enders HD Collection does not run at 60fps runs

first_imgThere’s some bad news for anyone who’s planning to pick up the new Zone of the Enders HD collection: the new release runs noticeably slower than the original games on the PS2.A collection of gameplay and cutscene comparison videos show that as well as the HD version being slower than the original, the HD collection also plays slightly better on the Xbox 360. Fans have already commented that the mech action and general combat comes across as slightly slow motion and a video showing the difference between the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions shows neither game runs at 60fps. In fact, during one selection of gameplay the Xbox averaged 39fps while the PS3 lagged behind at an average of 32fps.This is bad not only for PS3 owners but for Konami as their official website states that Zone of the Enders HD Collection has been upped to 60fps from its original 30 fps when the reality is quite different.This isn’t the first time a HD Collection from Konami has failed to deliver. In particular, the Silent Hill HD Collection suffered from serious frame rate issues. Eventually the PS3 version was patched but Konami suffered technical difficulties when trying to create a patch for the Xbox 360 version. Customers of the Xbox version were offered an exchange for a different game from Konami.Perhaps this slowdown can be fixed by a patch, it might have to be if lots of customers suddenly start complaining about false advertising. Let us know if you’ve picked up a copy of ZoEHDC and if you’ve noticed any slowdown.More at Esuteru via Joystiqlast_img

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