Watch Glowing Fireball Illuminates Night Sky Along US East Coast

first_img On April 16, many people along the East Coast of the U.S. reported seeing what they believed to be a meteor speeding across the sky and bursting into a massive fireball late at night.The American Meteor Society has received 325 reports from various states, including Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Vermont, and Virginia about a bright “fireball” lighting up the horizon a little before 11 p.m. EST on Tuesday night, reported.The bizarre incident didn’t go unnoticed in New Jersey: Egg Harbor Township residents noticed a bright flash across the night sky, while Cape May County residents said they felt their houses shake as the “meteor” passed above them.Additionally, 45 people in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden reported a similar occurrence in the night sky, as shown in the American Meteor Society video above.Last Night #Fireball over Delaware– new video, now 360 reports –Nice video by Kimberly B, MarylandDetails:— AMSMETEORS (@amsmeteors) April 17, 2019It’s unknown what caused the incident, however, astronomers say it’s unlikely that Tuesday night’s fireball was connected to the annual Lyrid meteor shower, which already started this week. It’s possible that this incident could have been a piece of rock from an asteroid.“The meteor appeared around 11 p.m. and the constellation Lyra is only just rising at that point,” Kevin Conod, an astronomer who manages the Newark Museum’s Dreyfuss Planetarium in New Jersey, wrote in an email statement to “Also the direction is wrong: The meteor was heading almost due south. Lyrid meteors would have been coming from the northeast.”For more updates on ‘”fireballs” and other strange sky happenings, visit American Meteor Society’s Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.More on Blazing Fireball Turns Night to Day in BrazilWatch: Meteor Lights Up Sky Over Florida, Stuns WitnessesScientists Find Tiny Fragment of Comet Inside a Meteorite Stay on target NASA Says 2 Asteroids Will Safely Fly By Earth This WeekendHubble Captures Saturn’s ‘Phonograph Record’ Ring System last_img

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