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first_img “IT IS WINTER IN AMERICA. For over 70 years, he has stood in stalwart defense of our country and its people. But in the aftermath of Hydra’s takeover of the nation, Captain America is a figure of controversy, carrying a tarnished shield…and a new enemy is rising! Who are the Power Elite? And how do they intend to co-opt and corrupt the symbol that is Captain America?”CAPTAIN AMERICA #1(W): Ta-Nehisi Coates (A): Leinil Francis Yu (I): Gerry Alanguilan (CA): Sunny Gho (L): Joe CaramagnaAfter the events of Secret Empire, fans were unclear where Captain America was going to go from there. It could be for better or for worse. Or, it could be something else entirely that we could haven’t have imagined. With Captain America #1, it brings us out of the darkness and into the light. It brings us into a new age and continued struggles of Captain America that I’m excited to see after the dark storm of Secret Empire.via Marvel ComicsTa-Nehisi Coates is the perfect person to carry this comic. He doesn’t disconnect from the past, but Captain America forward. He asks what can we learn from it, is this all that will be and what can we learn by going through it. Even with these questions looming, he provides a brilliant narrative with a new threat that emerges along the way. Captain America #1 feels like such a straightforward punch in the gut for Steve and readers can feel it as well.This first issue felt like the consequence of actions being taken from what happened before. Hydra used Captain America’s face, and now he suffers the effects of a world not trusting him as they used to. He’s experiencing the consequences of a world gone mad. Yet he still has hope in his country and tries to put the pieces back together. It’s a sobering and sad way t look at Steve Rogers. However, it’s probably the best thing that he needs to go through right now.via Marvel ComicsOne thing that Coates does so eloquently is provide Steve with a philosophical and thought-provoking voice. This, in turn, genuinely makes you feel something mighty powerful. This is some of the best voice-over work I’ve read in a very long time for Captain America. It brings you into his internal instead of looking at the surface. After that situation, he has to deal with a person that looked like him almost destroy everything he worked hard for. He has to face the people it affected, like Sharon Carter, Bucky and some of those he trusted the most or at least had respect for him. Coates has lent something special to Captain America that will continue through these new issues. It’s guaranteed to bring back fans that were scared off from Secret Empire its absolutely peak Captain America.Leinil Francis Yu’s pencils in Captain America #1 make you say, “Wow. Just, wow.” Yu is an extraordinarily talented artist that spare no expense on the level of precise detail he can bring into comics. It’s so very rare that you see art like his in any comic. For Captain America #1, there’s something about his pencils that create this emotional and raw portrait of America in the wake of that fallout. The one thing I immediately found fascinating about Yu’s art is that it carries a snapshot in every panel. This is only enhanced by Gerry Alanguilan’s inks that provide such a finished and rough look to the pencils. Each of the panels is a continuation but resembles, to me, such quality cinematic snapshots. If they ever made another Captain America movie, I’d love some shots from this comic to be seen on screen.via Marvel ComicsWith Yu’s art and Alanguilan’s inks, Sunny Gho takes over with the colors to bring this comic a look of destruction, uncertainty, lost, tragedy and more. Gho’s palette play with the colors based on the emotional toll of the comic. If you read more into it, you can totally see what I’m talking about, especially with panels that’s just Steve. Gho provides a chilly winter greenish blue to his first couple of panels. Following that up with warm orange and brown desert colors then over to these soft, thoughtful mixes of the two in panels after.The team coming together in those moments with Joe Caramagna on letters as well, bring that heartbreak that you feel for Steve or Cap in those moments. That’s when everything comes together beautifully. The long-suffering yet thoughtful writing of Coates. The skilled and perfectly placed letters of Caramagna. The emotional art, colors, and inks by Yu, Alanguilan, and Gho. It’s incredible how well put together, and full of heart this comic turned out to be.via Marvel ComicsCaptain America #1 is an outstanding new series that will show you the ugly side of patriotism and how much a good man can take. It brings us fascinating characters we haven’t seen in awhile and new ones that we’re already enthralled with. Captain America #1 is something special that is just the beginning journey for our favorite hero. Also, it has some good shots of Bucky and that’s what we all came to see. Am I right? Captain America #1 is now available on Comixology and at your local comic shop.7/4/2018 Releases – In addition to CAPTAIN AMERICA # 1, here’s a list of other new titles that came out this week that you should be reading.Rogue & Gambit: Ring of Fire Vol. 1  by Kelly Thompson (W), Pere Perez (A), Kris Anka (CA) Marvel ComicsCatwoman #1 by Joelle Jones (W, A), Laura Allred (C) DC ComicsDeath or Glory #3 by Rick Remender (W), Bengal (A) Image ComicsUnnatural #1 by Mirka Andolfo (W, A) Image ComicsJim Henson’s Beneath the Dark Crystal #1 by Adam Smith (W), Alexandria Huntington (A), Benjamin Dewey (CA) BOOM! – ArchaiaMarvel Rising: Squirrel Girl/Ms. Marvel #1 by Devin Grayson, Ryan North, G. 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