Tamarcus Ikner 27 pleaded guilty to a 2017 shoot

first_imgTamarcus Ikner, 27, pleaded guilty to a 2017 shooting after the University of Alabama homecoming game.Tamarcus Ikner shot LaEarlton Peebles in the back on the University of Alabama’s Strip after the 2017 homecoming game. Fortunately, Peebles survived the gunshot wound.“Took the gun and chased Mr. Peebles down the Strip sidewalk through a crowd of people as you can imagine after homecoming,” Chief Assistant District Attorney Paula Hearing said. “And fired a shot at him, hitting him in the back and injuring his intestines and his leg.”Ikner and Peebles had a history of issues over a woman they both were involved with. Now, nearly a year and a half after the incident, Ikner is claiming responsibility.“It’s not unusual for people to wait until the last minute to accept responsibility for their actions,” Hearing said.Ikner’s trial was scheduled to begin on Monday, Feb. 11. Instead, he pleaded guilty to attempted murder with a 22-year prison sentence.“The incident that occurred was just a bad situation, it was a tragic mistake that was made,” Ikner’s defense attorney Chad Barnett said. “Mr. Ikner has taken responsibility for what he’s done and he’s going to move on and move on with his life and that’s what we want for him and that’s what he wants. It’s what his family wants.”Tuscaloosa County District Attorney Hays Webb said he is glad to see another violent offender taken off the streets, but he believes there is still a huge problem that will require more work to be done.“We have a lot of shootings,” Webb said. “We have a lot of shootings, we have too many shootings here in Tuscaloosa, the city of Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa County. We’ve got too many youths involved with shootings with, you know, bad guys with guns and it’s a real problem. But we are trying by the work that we’re doing here, you know working with law enforcement, working with the courts, trying to send a message to the bad guys that this is not the place to be committing those crimes.”Tamarcus’ brother, Kenneth Ikner, is in federal custody on gun charges and was also charged with assault in the shooting.Tamarcus is scheduled to turn himself into the Tuscaloosa County Jail on Friday, Feb. 15. If he does not, he will also be charged with felony escape.last_img

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