Murdered Woman’s Family Drops Lawsuit Against Best Buy, Others

first_imgThe family of a woman who was killed during an appliance delivery in Boca Raton last summer has dropped their lawsuit against Best Buy and its subcontractors.The suspect, 21-year-old Jorge Dupre Lachazo, is accused of killing 75-year-old Evelyn Udell on August 19, when he and David Gonzalez delivered a washer and dryer to her home. The pair worked for XM Delivery, which was subcontracted by Best Buy.The lawsuit named Best Buy, freight carrier J.B. Hunt, and XM Delivery, as well as the XM employees, Dupre Lachazo and Gonzalez, the driver in the delivery, and XM Delivery owner Manuel Chavez. It also named the two workers who sold the appliances at the Best Buy store.Online court records show that the family filed a notice of voluntary dismissal with prejudice last week, which means they are waiving their rights to file another lawsuit with the same claims.I’m working on legislation for the upcoming session that will protect Floridians when having furniture or appliances delivered to their homes. You can read more about it here. #flapol #Sayfie— Mike Caruso (@RepMikeCaruso) October 29, 2019 Dupre Lachazo is charged with first-degree murder and faces the death penalty. Police say he beat the 75-year-old retired librarian and grandmother, and then set her on fire. She died the next day.He told police that he heard voices telling him to kill Udell, adding that they belonged to drug dealers who had sexually molested him and threatened his mother.“I threw my life away at 21 years old,” Dupre Lachazo told the detectives on the day of the attack. “I’m a bad person. I want to die. Use that pistol already. Use it already. Disappear me. Disappear me.”Soon after the murder, State Republican Rep. Mike Caruso, of Delray Beach, introduced a bill that would require big-box stores such as Best Buy to notify its customers when a delivery has been subcontracted.The legislation, which failed to pass a subcommittee on March 14, would have also required fingerprint-based “Level 2” background checks for any delivery person who enters a person’s home.last_img read more

Meet Virginia: After beginning year as starting attack, Maltz heads home to Virginia as 2nd-line midfielder

first_imgDerek Maltz has long known where to jog out to prior to the opening whistle. The senior captain, who has become a staple of one of the country’s best offenses in his three-plus years at Syracuse, began the season on the starting attack alongside Dylan Donahue and Kevin Rice.The spot he expected to be in while fielding questions about SU’s potent attack in the weeks leading up to the team’s opener against Siena. And the spot he was in when he helped the team to wins over the Saints and then-No. 11 Albany to kick-start the season. But in the Orange’s 16-8 loss to Maryland on Saturday, Maltz didn’t start and played sparingly with the second midfield line. “I’m not 100 percent sure what my role is as of now,” Maltz said. “But I’m thinking I’ll be playing a little more midfield than attack. We’ll see.”AdvertisementThis is placeholder textSU head coach John Desko shuffled junior transfer Randy Staats into the starting attack against the Terps, and made Maltz a second-line midfielder next to Nicky Galasso and Billy Ward. But against Maryland, SU struggled at the faceoff X and Maltz — as well as Galasso and Ward — spent the majority of the game on the sideline because the Orange spent a majority of the game on defense. The unveiling of Desko’s new offensive approach was muffled by an unusually lopsided result, and Maltz will get a second opportunity to transition into the midfield when No. 6 SU (2-1, 0-1 Atlantic Coast) travels to the senior’s home state to face No. 4 Virginia (5-0) in Charlottesville, Va., at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday. “I think Derek’s done a very good job making a switch, it’s not easy,” Desko said. “The Maryland game didn’t really give him and those guys a chance, but Virginia should be a good chance.”In just his third game with Syracuse, including a scrimmage against Towson on Feb. 1, Staats paced the Orange with a team-high seven points in an overtime win over Albany. Desko has said he’s impressed with how fast Staats has adjusted to Division I lacrosse after transferring from Onondaga Community College and joining the team weeks into its preseason practice schedule.The coach was also happy with the way Staats fit into the attack, which was evident when Staats’ face appeared on the video board with the rest of the starters before Maryland.“It was tough watching from the bench,” Maltz said. “But Randy’s doing a really good job and playing with guys like Nicky Galasso and Billy Ward in the midfield is also cool.”Yet just about all of Maltz’s work with his new line has come in practice. He said that has gone well, and so did Desko. But in the team’s first-ever ACC game, the unit saw the field almost only in man-up situations. Maltz did net a goal off a pass from Staats early in the second quarter, but the majority of the Orange’s sparse offensive sets consisted of the starting attack plus the first-line midfield of Henry Schoonmaker, Hakeem Lecky and Scott Loy. Desko hoped that Staats would fully acclimate himself with his new attack mates while Maltz quarterbacked the offense from the midfield, as the head coach said it was Maltz’s vision and knowledge of Syracuse’s system that prompted the move.Rice, a starting junior attack, orchestrates the SU offense as a feeder behind the cage, and said that having both Staats and Maltz on the field together, regardless of the positions, is beneficial to the team. “They’re both very talented and for me it will be good if they can both get out there to have two big targets,” Rice said. “It’s never bad to have options, and we do.”The defensively savvy Terrapins — along with faceoff specialist Charlie Raffa — didn’t allow that to happen. A trip to Virginia doesn’t promise to be any less competitive. It’s another chance for Maltz get comfortable out of the starting lineup and at a new spot on the field. Said Maltz: “It will be good to get out there for another go. I’m just trying to help this team.” Comments Published on February 27, 2014 at 12:18 am Contact Jesse: | @dougherty_jesse Facebook Twitter Google+last_img read more

Holt: When 3-pointers don’t fall, Badgers will

first_imgI have seen the end.It ends with the clanging of the ball off the rim. It ends with air balls and desperation heaves.I have seen the death of the Wisconsin men’s basketball team.Simply put, this team will not survive past the second weekend of the NCAA tournament. Maybe not even the second game. When that final loss of the season comes, it should surprise nobody. That game is already scripted.Here’s how it happens.Wisconsin finds itself behind against a lower-seeded opponent, history indicating it will be a mid-major. To sum up the problem, the other team’s shots are falling and the Badgers’ shots are not – especially from behind the arc.The biggest difference between the Badgers’ six losses and 21 wins comes in three-point percentage. When UW wins, the 3-pointers fall, and when it loses, they don’t. Last night’s win over Michigan was the season in a nutshell: make a 3-pointer, win the game.In games where Wisconsin won by 10 or more points, the Badgers shot 49.1 percent from the field and 43 percent on 3-pointers. In wins by nine or fewer points, UW posted a 43-percent field goal percentage and shot 34.6 percent from behind the arc.In losses, UW shot just 38 percent from the field and 29.1 percent on 3-pointers.A simple argument might be made that because the Badgers were behind in the losses, they were forced to take more chances on long shots. But in losses, Wisconsin averaged 23 attempts from 3-point range, while in wins, they averaged 21.9 attempts – only about one fewer attempt. Not much of a difference.In wins, the Badgers made an average of 8.5 threes, while in losses, just 6.7 – almost two fewer and a possible six-point swing. Three of UW’s losses came by fewer than six points and none by more than eight.Wisconsin is just too reliant on the 3-pointer this season. It is both the boon and bane of this edition of the swing offense.Typically, the point of the swing is to move the ball around enough to get it into a position for a high-percentage shot, usually from the post. UW milks the shot clock and patiently waits for the shot it wants. In this offense, guards have to be able to work inside, and big men have to feel comfortable at the perimeter.Part of the beauty of the swing is it can adapt easily to the personnel coach Bo Ryan has any given year. But this season, the big men feel maybe a little too comfortable at the perimeter.Point guard Jordan Taylor has taken the most 3-point attempts for the Badgers this season with 127. However, Wisconsin’s two most-often used big players, forwards Jon Leuer and Keaton Nankivil, rank second and third on the team in attempts with 121 and 101, respectively.Big men that can shoot from the perimeter are a plus. Having a big man that relies on the 3-pointer (54 percent of Nankivil’s points come from threes) can be a liability.Knowing this, as an opposing team, there are two basic options for defending the Badgers: Avoid getting beaten by the 3-pointer and let them work the ball inside to Leuer, who averages 19.3 points per game, or force UW outside and take your chances with the Badgers’ long-range accuracy.More often than not, teams have decided to keep Wisconsin to the outside and force the shot from behind the arc. When that plan backfires, the Badgers beat Northwestern by 32 (12-26 on 3-pointers) and Coppin State by 24 (17-38). When it works, Wisconsin shoots 3-19 on threes against Purdue.The Badgers’ biggest strengths could be their biggest weaknesses.Against Ohio State, Jordan Taylor almost single-handedly showed how the three-ball can change the outcome of a game. Wisconsin was down 15 points and made it all up in a matter of minutes. It was one of those stretches where the Badgers looked like they couldn’t miss.And in a tight game, they had better not.The Badgers are dead last in Division I in possessions per 40 minutes, averaging 58.4. They don’t get a lot of chances to score in every game, which conversely keeps opponents from getting a lot of chances either. Wisconsin justifies that this season by ranking No. 1 in offensive efficiency, averaging 1.19 points per possession. Typically, UW makes the most out of its few chances.But when it doesn’t, Wisconsin doesn’t give itself much of a chance. And because a large proportion of those chances are spent on 3-pointers – 35.5 percent of UW’s points come from threes, 22nd in the nation – the Badgers are taking a gamble with every 3 taken. Only two other teams – Boston College and Belmont – that are in ESPN’s latest projected tournament field rely more heavily on 3-pointers for offense.Of the teams that are likely in contention for No. 1 seeds in the tournament – Duke, Kansas, Ohio State, Pittsburgh and Texas – only Duke has over 30 percent of its points coming from 3-pointers (30.8 percent). In the previous two Final Fours, none of the eight teams relied on 3-pointers for more than 29.9 percent of their total points.Cornell proved last year you can beat anybody with threes, downing Wisconsin in the second round of the NCAA tournament, going 8-15 from behind the arc in that game. Against Kentucky in its next game, Cornell went just 5-21 in a 17-point loss.If the Badgers shoot lights out like they sometimes do, they can beat anybody. But the opposite holds true as well. Wisconsin plays like a boom-or-bust team intent on upsets but instead will likely have a No. 3 seed, meaning it could take some surviving just to get the opportunity for an upset.Instead, the Badgers will eventually fall to a team that relies more heavily on high-percentage shots – a more reliable formula for sustained success in general. Can the Badgers win four or more games in a row with the kind of shooting they rely on? It’s doubtful. Don’t count on any big March run this season.Sorry to spoil the surprise. Adam is a senior majoring in journalism. Think UW has what it takes to stay hot from 3-point land in the postseason? Email him at or Tweet @AdamJSHoltlast_img read more

Guyana’s Recount of March 2 Election to Begin on May 6

first_imgCommissioner Alexander meanwhile, addressed what he said are some “troubling things” being expressed by the opposition side. This was confirmed on Sunday by Commissioner of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Vincent Alexander. “What is it you want to hide in relation to matters such as taking the list which was used at the place of poll, on which list names were struck off, to determine how many persons turned up to vote and then check the actual ballots to see the correlation between the number of persons recorded and the number of ballots in the box. What is the difficulty in that and transparency? Why do you try to go to the RPA to exclude that and want and use 162 and 22 to include other things?”he asked. “There is no provision for streaming in any of the legislation. So if we are talking about streaming, we can only go to 162 of the Constitution and the RPA 22 which gives the commission latitude. (But) the very people who have agreed to the use of the latitude are also seeking to object to the very latitude for other things,” he told the media Sunday evening. “So, the question on what we do in the recount continues to be a red herring and there are those who are still suggesting, notwithstanding the decision, that we should do a numerical count, while they are shouting transparency. And so the question arises, you are screaming transparency, you are using the latitude of 162 and 22 to call for streaming, but then you want to take away that streaming when it comes to how we conduct the count.” Amid the concerns raised by opposition commissioners, Alexander said the Chairman’s pronouncement encapsulated what was previously resolved. Alexander said if the opposition wants to be transparent, there should be no issue. CMC That includes the intermittent broadcast of the process. Justice Singh also expressed the desire to have the ballot boxes viewed when they are out of the containers so that persons can confirm that there was no tampering with the seals. The Commissioner said there is the recognition that should that be done, the probability of disparities between what is struck off on the list and what is in the box will surface. According to him, “people do not want this to be known.” Although a decision was already taken on the matter, GECOM’s Chairman Justice (ret’d) Claudette Singh will make a pronouncement in writing to commissioners, in what is expected to be the final say on the matter. He said the recount is being conducted under Section 22 of the Representation of the Peoples’ Act (RPA) and Article 162 of the Constitution. However, there are persons who are trying to “use” 162 of the Constitution and Article 22 of the RPA at their convenience. Emerging from a lengthy commission meeting on Sunday, Alexander said the operational plan and final order for the recount are completed, with the Order set to be gazetted on Monday, after the issue of live streaming is further addressed. However, Alexander said the Chairman is leaning towards an audio broadcast instead of a live stream, as she has chosen to “lower the tempo of aggression” displayed in the media including social media, especially towards her. “And so, we have a very difficult situation, where there seems to be an agenda of what is being pursued [by the opposition]. But at the end of the day, we have finalised the plan and order but for that one thing.” The commission meets again on today to finalise the process. GEORGETOWN, Guyana – The long-awaited national recount of the March 2, General and Regional Elections in Guyana will get underway on Wednesday.last_img read more

Cadets of the FC Sarajevo at the International Tournament in Hungary

first_imgThe U-17 selection of the FC Sarajevo Academy will participate from the September 9th at the high quality international tournament “Future Talents Cup” in Hungary.12 teams divided in two groups will participate at the tournament.The cadets of the FC Sarajevo will play in the A group in which there is also PSV Eindhoven from Netherlands, Ferencvaroš from Hungary, Senica from Slovakia, Brugge from Belgium and Maribor from Slovenia.The first match is scheduled for September 9th , against Maribor.In the B grouo there are Galatasaray, another team of Ferencvaroš, Wisla Krakow, Sturm Graz, Partizan and Dinamo Bucurest.(Source: Fena / photo:

Jerry Jones doesn’t seem pleased with Jason Garrett after Cowboys’ loss to Patriots

first_imgMORE: Takeaways from Dallas’ lossJerry Jones: “It is a significant setback for our team. We needed this win. We needed to win against an opponent like this. We haven’t had them. Consequently, we’re very aware of that.”— Jon Machota (@jonmachota) November 25, 2019Jerry Jones: “Where my statements go, is when you come into New England on a day like today, against this team, and this era, you need to win this to establish what you’re about for a season. You dealt yourself a pretty narrow window to come out of here smiling.”— Jon Machota (@jonmachota) November 25, 2019Jerry Jones when asked if the Patriots out-coached the Cowboys: “I really think it speaks for itself…I think you’re gonna get out-coached during this era when you come to New England. … My point is, don’t get yourself in a spot where you have to come up here and beat him.”— Jon Machota (@jonmachota) November 25, 2019Jones talked rather extensively about Dallas’ special teams. New England’s first and only touchdown was set up by a blocked punt, and the Cowboys missed a field goal and struggled to cleanly field kickoffs and punts. Jerry Jones describes himself as frustrated and disappointed – in performance vs Patriots and all the failures leading up to it being so important. Of ST, Jones said, “Thats 100 percent coaching. One hundred percent coaching.”— Ed Werder (@WerderEdESPN) November 25, 2019Coach Jason Garrett is in the final year of his contract, and between the team’s underperformance and comments such as these from Jones, signs are pointing to Dallas having a new leader in 2020.Jerry Jones: “This is very frustrating. It’s frustrating just to be reminded that some of the fundamentals of football and coaching were what beat us out there today.”— Jon Machota (@jonmachota) November 25, 2019Jerry Jones was just asked if he’s ever been this frustrated with a first-place team: “With the makeup of this team, I shouldn’t be this frustrated.” And that line, after a poignant and cutting session with the media, both concluded and summarized the whole vibe.— Jeff Darlington (@JeffDarlington) November 25, 2019If the Cowboys do fire Garrett by season’s end, at least one report suggests he could land with the division-rival Giants. NFL Media noted Sunday morning that New York has “emerged as a real and legitimate potential landing spot for Garrett” should Dallas fire its coach and the Giants also fire Pat Shurmur.Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio speculated later Sunday that the Giants report could have been leaked by Garrett’s camp in an effort to maintain leverage. The Cowboys laid another egg against a quality opponent Sunday, failing to find the end zone in a 13-9 road loss to the Patriots. Team owner and general manager Jerry Jones was rather unhappy with Dallas’ showing.The 77-year-old didn’t hold back in his post-game media session, voicing his frustration with a team and coaching staff that was expected to produce Super Bowl contender this year but instead is just a game above .500 at 6-5.last_img read more

‘One Women Club’ by Primera Iberdrola

first_imgThe signings at an early age mean that today’s players, flags of their teams have already dressed in other colors. Like Ainoa Tirapu and Erika (Athletic) or Marta Torrejón and Alexia (Barcelona). They arrived as teenagers, but having debuted on another team. La Masía, in fact, is one of the most prolific quarries, but its players usually have to leave to return. This is the case of Leila or Andrea Falcón. The azulgrana club, in addition, takes control of the great promises when they have already made debut in their equipment, as it happened to them with Patri Guijarro or Mariona. Similar case to Athletic that dominates the teams in the area and manages to attract great players like Lucía García (Oviedo), Moraza (Real Sociedad) or Maite Oroz (Osasuna). However, players also escape him, even if they return. Gimbert or Marta Unzue left to return. Amanda Sampredo, the example of ‘One Women Club’Amanda Sampedro is the great exponent of a ‘One women club’. The Madrilenian grew up watching Atlético. His dream was to wear red and white and when he started playing at school he had offers, but he waited for the club of his loves. He joined Atlético in 2002 and was able to sign for Rayo, then a leading women’s team, but his father convinced him to continue as a rojiblanco. In 2008 he debuted in the Queen’s Cup and managed to score his first goal for the rojiblanco. I was only 15 then. In the following season the first team alternated with the subsidiary. He was clear that he wanted to succeed at Atlético and was gaining weight despite his age. In 2010, at the age of 18, she was named captain. He is 26 years old, but his future is rojiblanco. It is no longer usual for a footballer to spend his entire career at the same club. From his debut in the first team until the day he hangs up his boots. Competitiveness, the difficulty of reaching and settling in the first team in the highest category and the desire to live new experiences make to the ‘One women club’ in a kind the danger of extinction. In Primera Iberdrola 27 players who, at the moment, have only dressed in a few colors.The great exponents in Spain of the ‘One women club’ are Melanie Serrano, Amanda Sampedro and Amparito, who have been on their teams for more than a decade. The Barcelona side is the player with the most seasons in the entity, already reaching fifteen courses, since his debut, in Barça. The rojiblanca is the great leader of Atlético after eleven seasons of mattress, while Amparito chains twelve seasons at Sevilla. However, they still have a long way to go. The azulgrana, with 30 years, is the oldest, but both Amanda and Amparito are only 26 years old and have a great future ahead.Earliness is the predominant note in women’s football. It is normal for players with 15 or 16 years of age to debut in the first team, which causes Young players such as Teresa (Deportivo), Paola Ulloa (Madrid CFF), Rosita Márquez and Irene Guerrero (Betis), Aitana (Barcelona), Olga Carmona (Sevilla) or Cinta (Sporting Huelva) are veterans in their teams despite being around twenty. They still have many years of football ahead, but there are signs of loyalty to their teams. This is the case of Irene Guerrero, who after eight seasons at Betis is the great captain, or Paola Ulloa at Madrid CFF with seven campaigns in target.last_img read more

Jamaica Scorpions facing defeat against T&T Red Force

first_imgAnother day of woeful batting by the Jamaica Scorpions yesterday have them staring defeat in the face against Trinidad and Tobago Red Force, in the WICB First-Class League action at Sabina Park.Resuming the day on 13 without loss in their second innings – an overall lead of 22 runs – the Scorpions lost their way in the morning and early post-lunch sessions and were bowled out for 155 in their second innings.This resulted in the Red Force, which made 206 in their first innings in response to 225 made by the Scorpions, being set a comfortable victory target of 175.At the close of the third day, they were 113 for three – 62 runs adrift.”Advantage Trinidad; needing 60-odd runs and we need to get nine wickets to win,” said new Jamaica captain, Campbell, who in addition to eight made in the first innings, scored 23 in the second.”Having said that, (however), their batting order has been struggling, (especially) their middle order and if we come tomorrow morning and get two quick wickets, I think we could make a match of it.”Starting out with openers John Campbell, on eight, and Shacaya Thomas, five, the Scorpions capitulated on the back of some fine offspin from new sensation Jon-Russ Jagessar. Playing in his second first-class match, he finished with eight for 58, his maiden five-wicket haul.The diminutive Jagessar, a revelation for Trinidad on their way to capturing the regional one-day title last month, utilised variations of pace and spin to add to his first innings collection of three for 53, to also claim his first 10-wicket haul.In the end, none of the top six Jamaica batsmen were able to pass 25. Thomas made 19, Kirk Edwards 16, Jermaine Blackwood five, and Devon Thomas eight.LAST-WICKET STANDIt took a defiant 47 last-wicket stand between spinner Nikita Miller, who was last man out for 28, and fast bowler Marquino Mindley, 23 not out, to bring some level of respectability to their score.However, thanks to enterprising batting from fast-rising opener, Evin Lewis, who closed on 66 not out, the Red Force went on to take control of the match.The 24-year-old, who recently returned from the Bangladesh Premier League Twenty20 and who scored an attractive 87 in the first innings, also expressed pleasure with his team’s showing.”We have only lost one wicket and we are on top,” he said. “It’s (now) important that we come out tomorrow, keep going as a team and get the remaining runs.”The left-hander, who looked at consummate ease while batting in each innings, also gave credit to Jagessar, who was recently selected in the Caribbean Premier League Twenty20 draft.”It was an excellent bowling performance by Jon-Russ,” he said. “We had a plan to bowl to the right handers and he went out there and did it and we are happy for it.SCOREBOARDSCORPIONS 1st Innings 225RED FORCE 1st Innings 206SCORPIONS 2nd Innings(overnight 13 without loss)S Thomas lbw b Jagessar 19*J Campbell st Katwaroo b Jagessar 23K Edwards c Lewis b Jagessar 10A McCarthy c Lewis b Jagessar 16J Blackwood lbw b Jagessar 5D Thomas b Jagessar 8+C Walton c Richards b Jagessar 4N Miller c Mohammed b Khan 28D Jacobs c Cariah b Jagessar 1S Cottrell lbw b Jagessar 8M Mindley not out 23Extras (b8, lb2) 10TOTAL (all out, 48.2 overs) 155Fall of wickets: 1-41, 2-58, 3-61, 4-79, 5-79, 6-91, 7-92, 8-96, 9-108, 10-155.Bowling: Emrit 9-4-11-0, Richards 13-4-35-1, Jagessar 24-4-58-8, Mohammed 3-1-6-0, Imran Khan 16.2-2-31-1, Ottley 3-1-4-0.RED FORCE 2nd Innings (target: 175 runs)E Lewis not out 66J Solozano c Miller b Campbell 19K Hope not out 14Extras ((lb11, w1, nb2) 14TOTAL (1 wkt, 38 overs) 113Fall of wicket: 1-66.Bowling: Cottrell 5-0-19-0 (nb1), Mindley 3-0-15-0 (w2), Miller 15-4-32-0, Campbell 8-3-26-1, Jacobs 7-3-10-0.Position: Red Force require a further 62 runs for victory with nine wickets intact.Toss: Scorpions.Umpires: V Smith, L Reifer.last_img read more

Educators awarded for dedicated role in nation’s development

first_imgAs Guyana continues with its calendar of activities marking the Golden Jubilee anniversary, 50 past and present educators were on Monday rewarded with trophies and certificates for their outstanding contributionsThe awardees along with Education Minister, Dr Rupert Roopnaraine and other officialsto the education sector over the past 50 years.During the elaborate rewarding ceremony at the National Cultural Centre which saw the attendance of hundreds of education officials and students from across the country, these educators were bestowed with awards for their dedication towards the development of the nation academically.The initiative was a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Education and the School of the Nations as they recognised the need of rewarding teachers for their work as well as to stimulate other educators to pattern themselves after those being awarded.The ceremony was held under the theme “Improving performance through teacher recognition and rewards” spoke exactly to the theme of celebrating the achievement of the educators as their roles have been crucial in the development of the country’s education sector.Speaking to this effect, Chief Education Officer Olato Sam emphasised the essential role of educators and its direct link to the general advancement of the country.Mentioning that teachers are the first persons who offer formal education to children, Sam affirmed that their tasks and role should not be underrated.“I have referred to teachers as both agents of nation building and soldiers for national transformation. In some, the faith of our nation rests on the shoulders of the dedicated educators spread across this country” Sam cited.In saluting educators across the country, he reminded that they are the persons responsible for classroom development, that of the community and the extensive nation.According to the CEO: “For the next years the country is placing the mantle in the hands of these educators to be advocates for academic development so that the future of Guyanese would be moulded. We salute you our educators, for in your hands we have placed the canvas on which the masterpiece for our next 50 years will unfold.”Education Minister, Dr Rupert Roopnaraine spoke passionately about the magnitude of the educator’s input to the general growth of the country, while noting that they are not rewarded to the extent of their contributions.Roopnaraine admitted that he is aware of the inadequate salary and other benefits that these teachers are in receipt of despite their critical role in the education sector. He disclosed that the Education Ministry have had discussions with the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) on the topic of the insufficient wages paid to educators.The Minister further noted that classroom work is crucial for the development of individuals but this can only be achieved if there is an educator who is committed to the task. With this, he charged educators across Guyana to work along with the Ministry to effect the change they want to see in Guyana, as it grows from strength to strength.“My charge for our teachers and education officials is that you recognise what we in the ministry are about to effect in guaranteeing the future of Guyana by doing work in the classroom. We can’t achieve this without having an educated population” the Minister underlined.The educators awarded were selected from the ten administrative regions of Guyana for their devoted work in the teaching profession.last_img read more

Nimba District #8 May Boycott Presidential Run-off

first_img– Advertisement – Citizens of Nimba County District#8 may likely boycott the November 7 presidential run-off due to a delay by the National Elections Commission (NEC) to announce the result of the October 10 representative poll that was challenged by the district’s Unity Party (UP) incumbent lawmaker Larry P. Younquoi.Younquoi challenged the result of the district election since October 16, outlining numerous irregularities during the exercise, a complaint that up to the present the NEC is yet to set a date for the hearing.The protest result put candidate Saye Miane in the lead by 19 votes ahead of Younquoi, a result that it is believed to be far from the absolute majority of at least 50 votes for a candidate to seal a representative seat by the NEC.Supporters of both Miane and Younquoi who have been in Monrovia for almost a week are running out of patience about the NEC’s attitude.Many of them who spoke with the Daily Observer on condition of anonymity for fear of endangering the chances of their candidates, threatened to boycott the pending November 7 presidential run-off if their district is without a representative.The presidential run-off is between VP Joseph N. Boakai of the UP and Senator George Manneh Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).When he announced the final result of votes cast, NEC Chairman Jerome Korkoya promised not to announce that district result pending the outcome of the hearing into Younquoi’s complaint.Younquoi alleged that his complaint resulted from reports of irregularities his team observed at the Tallying Center in Tappita, “a situation that has the tendency to undermine my vote in the final analysis.”For the record, the complaint claimed, “polling place 0103 in Barnakpala, and 0102, in Sehwee, among others, had numerous cases of erroneous figures on the tally sheet delivered to the Center.”“For instance some figures from the invalid votes, as well as valid votes were left blank, thereby leaving the NEC workers with no alternative, but to determine the figures that could fill such gaps,” Younquoi claimed, adding, “at those centers and perhaps elsewhere ardent supporters of candidate Miane served as presiding officers, thereby giving strong suspicion of manipulation in the process.”According to Younquoi, some of the presiding officers, including Preston Glay from Bainakpala, Ezekiel Tair from Sehwee and Ezekiel Zarwolo and Nathaniel Jaye of Zao respectively were strong supporters of candidates on both the social and Electronic Media.The complaint further alleged that at one point, “Amos referred to me as a political zogo and Glay was openly seeing spearheading the transportation of registered voters from Montserrado County to the district on behalf of Miane during the voter registration process.”Younquoi also claimed that during the counting of the votes huge numbers of invalid votes were reported mainly in what he considered as his “stronghold” where Miane’s partisans, the NEC workers were assigned,” the complaint alleged.“The difference of 19 votes between us is not convincing enough to declare him a winner upon the first count in such fiercely contested election,” Younquoi indicated.Therefore, the UP lawmaker argued, “The NEC should recount the entire votes emanating from the district in order to erase whatever doubts that we may harbor in the race.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Incumbent representative candidate for Nimba County District #8, Larry Younquoi, and Chairman of the House committee on Good Governance & Government Reformlast_img read more