I Believe in Liberia

first_imgBefore I left for Africa, in a time that seems like a lifetime ago, I spent my last night in the United States on a quiet beach at night, alone with my thoughts gazing across a great and wide sea. Beneath heaven itself on the east coast of Florida, I thought of the journey I was about to take to a place I have dreamt of all my life. Africa, the cradle of civilization, the place my ancestors walked out of some incomprehensibly long time ago, a place where goodness and evil were born together as siblings to spread across the Earth. To mostAmericans, the stigma of Africa is one of poverty, of war, and of great suffering. Yet, for me, and IDEAS For Us, Africa is a place of limitless opportunity.Extraordinary accomplishments are the products of surprisingly simple ingredients. Dreams fueled by unwavering belief in their attainability, coupled with education are responsible for all of our greatest achievements. Here in Liberia, the first country in Africa I have ever set foot in, the same is true.I am here as a result of a partnership that blossomed in 2013, between IDEAS For Us and Youth Exploring Solutions (YES). YES was founded in 2007 by Stephen Lavalah, a young Liberian, and United States Department of State fellow. Stephen traveled to the UnitedStates for four months in 2013 and lived with both myself, and the former executive director of IDEAS For Us, Chris Castro. In that time, he took action in numerous IDEAS events, lectured at American schools, and spoke to American students about how he has a profound vision for a Sustainable Liberia in his mind and in his heart. Together, we were able to put that project into words, and it was chosen as the 2013 project winner of the Continuing Community Partnership Grant by the IREX program.For the past week since my arrival, I have dressed as a Liberian, I have eaten traditional Liberian food, I have walked for hours through Liberian forests, I have slept the way most Liberians do, and I have listened to Liberian youth speak to me about Liberian problems.The future of the African continent belongs to young Africans and my message here as been one of encouragement for them to believe in themselves and to break free of the bondage of self-doubt, and self-oppression.For 14 days, IDEAS For Us and YES are conducting an ambitious campaign of numerous speaking engagements, lectures, action projects, radio interviews, television talk show appearances, and a two-day Leadership Summit to build capacity across the entire country. Together, IDEAS For Us and YES will host the first international Hive event, and conduct action projects in Energy, Water, Food, Waste, and Ecology. In the coming days, I will share what we have seen, learned, and accomplished in each of these areas with the IDEAS Movement. Together, I believe that we can plant the seeds of a Sustainable Liberia.Yet, if I have learned anything so far in my time here, it is that Liberians are wonderful people, with big dreams that they deserve to see met. However I am not the one to wake their country from this dream. That task belongs to all young Liberians, for they must see their country through this metamorphosis, and I am sure they will. Every day I wake up and say to myself, “I believe in Liberia”, and I know after seeing the great things we have accomplished, you will too.About the authorClayton Louis Ferrara is a Chilean-born American naturalist, poet, educator, and popular writer. He is a founding board member of the United Nations accredited environmental action, and advocacy NGO, IDEAS For Us. He has served as National Science Director and South Eastern Regional Director of the USA since stepping off the board in 2012.

His professional career started in South Florida at the age of 12 when he began teaching ecology, conservation, and youth empowerment to the general public as a docent to numerous museums, aquariums, and interpretative nature centers in the area. He received a B.A. in both biology and environmental studies from the prestigious, liberal arts and science college, Rollins. In 2011, he received the honor of being called a Young Alumnus of Significant Distinction for his work to advance sustainability and environmental education in Central Florida. In 2013, he was named a Darwin Scholar by the U.K. based Field Studies Council (FSC) for his accomplishments as a young naturalist on the global stage.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Positions expressed by lawyers for Govt bereft of logic

first_imgDear Editor,The positions expressed by the lawyers for the Government and the Guyana Elections Commission in the application filed by Attorney-at-Law Christopher Ram, who is asking the court to issue an order compelling the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to hold elections on or before September 18, 2019, are bereft of logic.Firstly, Basil Williams, SC, holder of the Office of Attorney General of Guyana has presented an argument to the court that the Caribbean Court of Justice has not set a “specific” date for elections, he also argues that the date and time for elections prescribed by the Constitution after the successful passage of a No-Confidence Motion has passed; he specifically states “Given that the CCJ ruled that the No-Confidence Motion was properly carried with a majority of 33 of the 65 seats of the National Assembly on the night of December 21, 2018, the provisions of Articles 106 (7) were triggered for elections to be held by March 21” . In making this statement, the Attorney General is accepting he knows that there is a three-month timeframe imposed by the Constitution, he further acknowledges it by saying “Credible elections could not be held on or before 21st March 2019 as this was logistically impossible”. The CCJ on July 12, 2019, stated: “The Court noted that the filing of the court proceedings in January, challenging the validity of the no-confidence vote, effectively placed matters on pause. The Court reminded, however, that it had rendered its decision on 18 June 2019.” The “pause” allowed Guyana to have a legitimate Government past March 21. How then can the Attorney General argue that “no specific date” means there is no timeframe? If we follow Basil’s logic to its conclusion, we would ask why have elections ever? All the Constitution prescribes is “every five years”, it never mentions a “specific” date.Secondly, the attorney for GECOM is also arguing that the Constitution does not provide a timeframe for elections. He is seeking to re-litigate matters already decided by the CCJ! The Court already said “that it is not the role of the Court to establish a date on, or by which, the elections must be held. Article 106 is clear and it should be followed” and on the matter of the GECOM Chair “it was the Court’s view that the appointment process of a new Chairman should be embarked upon with the utmost urgency in light of the CCJ’s decision in the No-Confidence Motion cases which has triggered the need for fresh general elections”. GECOM should be acting with “utmost urgency” to comply with the CCJ rulings. In house counsel for GECOM has made this clear in written opinions provided to the Chief Elections Officer Lowenfield, who, when asked by a reporter publicly: “Can the list, if refreshed, be used to conduct a free and fair election?” replied “That’s correct, always has and always will”. There is no logic to the arguments being made on behalf of GECOM in light of the CCJ rulings and the declarations of the Chief Elections Officer. GECOM should be adopting a neutral stance such as that adopted by the Speaker of the National Assembly when asked to rule on the validity of the passage of the No-confidence Motion. The Speaker validated the motion and indicated all options available to seek further legal interpretation if any was needed. The Speaker did not participate in court proceedings and indicated clearly that he (the Speaker) would abide by court rulings. GECOM should move swiftly to adopt this position of neutrality and compliance with the rule of law expected of a constitutional office or body.The Attorney General knows that a lifeline was granted to the Granger Administration by the pause due to judicial interpretation sought by the Government; everyone is aware that the three-month clock restarted on June 18, 2019, following the ruling of the CCJ, and that the legitimate life of the Executive expires on September 18, 2019. The Attorney General may feign ignorance, but for how long and at what cost to the nation?Respectfully,Robin Singhlast_img read more

Citizenship Dept blames Govt newspaper for “misprint”

first_imgAlleged fraudulent naturalisation noticesCitizenship Minister Winston Felix has blamed the Government-owned Guyana Chronicle for the incorrect publication of naturalisation notices which was allegedly part of an immigration fraud at the Citizenship Ministry.Citizenship Minister Winston FelixAt his press conference on Wednesday, Jagdeo shared the notices that were published in the state’s newspaper, which showed that foreign individuals who applied for citizenship were being featured in more than one publication, but with different names and addresses.However, Minister Felix on Thursday said that all the processes that the Department of Citizenship applies to applications for citizenship are enshrined in the Laws of Guyana under the Guyana Citizenship Act 1401.“(It) requires the applicant for naturalisation to publish their applications for naturalisation in one of the daily newspapers. The Department has nothing to do with what appears in the newspapers. If an error occurs in the publication, that is a problem for the newspapers and the applicant. They have to sort that out and clear up any error that may have occurred,” Felix said.Meanwhile Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo had long been saying that the coalition Government is granting thousands of Haitians and Cubans citizenship in order for them to get voting rights for the upcoming elections. But Government had rejected this notion.A meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs back in June 2018 had revealed alarming statistics involving thousands of Haitians and Cubans who are not only overstaying their time in Guyana, but cannot be accounted for.As at April 30, 2018, a total of 1238 Haitians arrived in Guyana, but only 85 left the country. In 2017, some 3515 Haitian nationals entered Guyana, and 291 left; while, the year before, out of 722 Haitians who came here, only 451 were on record as leaving. There were 770 Haitian nations who arrived in 2015; 227 in 2014, and 188 in 2013; but only 136, 113 and 99 left the country respectively.last_img read more

BV, Eastveldt advance to 8th of May final

first_imgThe final of the Beterverwagting (BV)/Triumph 8th of May Movement Emancipation Cohesion Senior Cup Football League has been set in stone, after a more than entertaining semifinal round on Sunday August 19.Delroy Deen, Malcolm Wilson and Junior AlleyneIn the first semifinal, it was a battle of the Georgetown teams as an unbeaten East Ruimveldt prepared to take on Tucville, who recently redeemed themselves from a shocking loss. With the game shortened to 60 minutes, both teams came out gunning, looking to secure the match as early as possible. The intense match up saw both sides displaying their best offensive and defensive tactics, meaning that the match would remain locked at nil all by half time.The second half caught Tucville’s defense slacking on which an alert Oneil Glasgow of Eastveldt capitalized with a first goal. In fact, Glasgow’s goal would turn out to be the only goal of the match, as Tucville in search of an equalizer, failed to penetrate Eastveldt’s defense by the blow of the referee’s whistle to signal the end of the match. Eastveldt’s victory over the experienced Tucville, appeared to give Eastveldt a moral boast, as the already delighted players, at the end of the match, exhibited readiness for the Saturday’s finals.In the other matchup, another unbeaten team, BV sought to defend their home turf against fellow East Coast team Mahaica. Both teams were keen on registering a win, as such many spectators feared that Mahaica would deliver an upset to BV.The first goal of the match came off of the boots of Mahaica’s Eion Abel. Mahaica’s goal appeared to stun and silenced the spectators, which was highly populated with BV supporters.However, BV’s Delroy Deen, in the 14th minute appeared motivated by BV’s apparent down fall, when he courageously worked his way through the mid-field to an opening in Mahaica’s defense, to score a powerful right booted equalizer goal. BV’s Malcom Wilson, who continues to demonstrate ever improving qualities, wasted no time in giving the home team BV, the lead, when in the 19th minute he accepted a pass from the left wing, to volley the ball pass Mahaica’s goal keeper, penetrating the goal net and handing BV the advantage, 2-1. From this stage it appeared that Mahaica became desperate, and while they may have been obvious efforts to remain composed, their body language and field formation had clearly changed.This change in Mahaica’s tactical approach can also be attributed to BV’s third goal which came when three of Mahaica’s defense players decided to rotate possession of the ball, instead of clearing it from their box. This thoughtlessness, allowed the vigilant Junior Alleyne of BV, to advance and challenge Mahaica’s defense players, winning possession of the ball and finishing with a brilliant placement in the goal net, to give BV a 3-1 lead in the 40th minute. The remainder of the match, appear to be all about formality, as Mahaica never received another opportunity to score.On the final game day on Saturday August 25, Tucville will tackle Mahaica for the Gladstone O Benjamin Bronze Award of $150, 000, inclusive of a trophy. Later on the headline event will feature both undefeated team BV and Eastveldt for the Bakewell Gold Crown of $350, 000. The second place finishers will receive the Lloyd WP Britton Sliver Honor prize, of $250, 000.The action will commence at 19:00h at the BV playground.last_img read more

Transfer news: 10 world class talents potentially available for FREE!

first_img 10 2. Dani Alves: Barcelona – linked to Liverpool and Chelsea – His pay packet is said to be an eye watering £8.7m a season before tax and while he may have lost some of the star quality that put the rampaging full-back among the game’s best, the defender would still be a very good addition to many sides if the money was right. Juventus are said to be interested, while Liverpool could certainly do with some better cover on that right side. This season he has made an average 4.4 tackles per game in La Liga, created three goals and made 1.3 interceptions. 1. James Milner: Man City – linked to Arsenal, Liverpool and Roma – Milner’s versatility makes him an attractive prospect, especially if you can sign him for nothing. In a team full of star players, the Man City midfielder stands out and he has won a lot of praise for his performances this season. It is hard to find any fault in the work he puts into both attack and defence. 10 10 6. Winston Reid: West Ham – linked to Man United and Arsenal – West Ham have been one of the form teams this season and Reid one of the star players. Hammers manager Sam Allardyce is hopeful he signs a new deal at Upton Park, but with Man United and Arsenal circling, there is no guarantee. 10 Sami Khedira has still not signed a new contract at Real Madrid and now it is being reported the Arsenal transfer target could return to Germany where Bayern boss Pep Guardiola would love to have him apparently.However, Khedira is just one of a number of very good players across Europe who are able to sign with other clubs in January, as the result of their contracts expiring next summer.We’d suggest to football chairmen, though, that rather than have these targets sign a pre-contract, you convince them to simply sign a contract with the club because that makes more sense. 7. Andre-Pierre Gignac: Marseille – linked to Liverpool – Liverpool need a striker who can score goals and this season Gignac has done just that, with 10 in 12 Ligue 1 matches. The 28-year-old has been linked with a transfer to the Reds as a result of his fine form in France. 10 8. Sergio Romero: Sampdoria – linked to Man United and Liverpool – Romero called rumours claiming he rejected Man United in the summer “crazy”. Louis van Gaal brought him to Europe when he was manager at AZ Alkmaar in 2007 and after Argentina knocked Van Gaal’s Netherlands side out of the 2014 World Cup in a penalty shoot-out, he said: “I taught him how to stop penalties, so that hurts”. In the group stage Romero kept his country in the match against Iran with some fine goalkeeping and in October, against Roma, he pulled off one of the Serie A saves of the season when he kept out Alessandro Florenzi. 10 5. Steven Gerrard: Liverpool – linked to Inter – It is staggering to think Liverpool might let their captain leave the only club he has played for, but so far the club captain – who will be 35 next summer – has not extended his contract. He has played more than 650 times for the club and at his peak was regarded as one of the game’s best midfielders. Gerrard’s form has dipped slightly and he has been heavily criticised for it, but surely he has still at least one full season of regular football for the Reds left in him? We can’t see Gerrard leaving Merseyside at this stage of his career, either, let alone England, despite tenuous interest from Internazionale. 9. Stephan Lichsteiner: Juventus – linked to Man City – Lichsteiner’s Juve team-mate Giorgio Chiellini has put pen to paper on an extension to a contract, which was due to expire in the summer, but so far the Swiss is yet to sign. Man City have been linked with the hard working right-back, who has created four goals in 11 games so far this season. 4. Ron Vlaar: Aston Villa – linked to Man United – Villa captain Vlaar has been linked to Man United this season as Louis van Gaal tries to assemble a defence worthy of the famous red shirt. Having been praised for his displays under Van Gaal for the Netherlands at the World Cup, it does not appear likely that he will be an Aston Villa player next season, while there are suggestions that rather than reach an agreement with the player in January, which would see him move to Old Trafford in the summer for free, the club will land him at a knock down price instead. Vlaar’s team-mate Delph is also out of contract in 2015 and Tottenham have been linked with a move. 10 10 10 3. Fabian Schar: Basel – linked to Arsenal – Schar is another player who has been linked with a move to Arsenal as they seek to bolster their defence. The centre-back is a very composed player, blessed with good ability in the air, on the ground and he reads the game well. He played for Switzerland at the recent World Cup and has revealed he has a desire to play abroad. 10 10. Sami Khedira’s contract runs out next summer – could he be Premier League-bound? Click the arrow to see more players who can sign pre-contract agreements in January 2015! – The January transfer window provides clubs with the opportunity to sign pre-contract agreements with players whose current deals run out in summer 2015, meaning some top class footballers could be snapped up for nothing! One such player is World Cup winner Sami Khedira. The latest rumour from Spain surrounding Arsenal and Chelsea transfer target Khedira is that he has agreed to move to Bayern in the summer when his contract expires. His manager Carlo Ancelotti has claimed Real want to keep him, though. A quality freebie if a rival club can get him, but Khedira is not the only player with a bit of class available to sign a pre-contract agreement in the new year. Click the arrow above to see nine more… last_img read more

Watford sign Valon Behrami from Hamburg

first_imgWatford have announced the signing of midfielder Valon Behrami on a three-year deal for an undisclosed fee.The Switzerland international completed his medical at the newly-promoted Premier League club and watched some of his new team-mates playing against AFC Wimbledon in a pre-season friendly on Saturday.Behrami international has experience of English football, having moved to West Ham from Lazio in 2008, and going onto make over 50 appearances for the London club.A statement on Watford’s official club website said: “Watford FC is delighted to announce the signing of Switzerland international Valon Behrami on a three-year deal.”The 30-year-old only joined Hamburg from Napoli last summer for £4.3m – Behrami featured during Napoli’s 2013/14 Coppa Italia final victory against Fiorentina in Rome.Behrami is Watford’s second summer signing after the arrival of midfielder Etienne Capoue from Tottenham.OFFICIAL: #watfordfc is delighted to confirm the signing of Swiss midfielder Valon Behrami on a three-year deal pic.twitter.com/zHgeYaqgWK— Watford FC (@WatfordFC) July 11, 2015Very happy to announce that I’m officially a player of @WatfordFC #hornets— Valon Behrami (@ValonBera) Valon Behrami 1last_img read more

Why history shows dropping Wayne Rooney is a bad idea

first_img Wayne Rooney receiving a golden boot after breaking Sir Bobby Charlton’s Englan goalscoring record 1 Wayne Rooney has faced questions his whole career.Is he a striker? Can he be the main man for Manchester United? Does he even want to play for the Red Devils?And now he faces another – is he worth a place in Louis van Gaal’s starting XI?In the Cristiano Ronaldo years at Old Trafford, Rooney was always second fiddle to his headline-stealing Portuguese teammate, who led the Red Devils to three consecutive Premier League titles and back-to-back Champions League finals.The England captain only managed 12 goals in Ronaldo’s final season in the north-west and questions were raised whether he could fill the three-time Ballon d’Or winner’s boots.The following season, Rooney scored 26 Premier League goals on the way to winning PFA Player of the Year, Premier League Player of the Year and Football Writers’ Player of the Year. Questions answered.In the build up to the World Cup 2014 in Brazil – despite scoring seven goals in the six qualifying games he played – questions were again raised over whether he should be dropped in Roy Hodgson’s starting XI, this time for Raheem Sterling.As a result, Rooney was played in a marginalised position on the left in the opening game defeat to Italy before being moved back to the No.10 position. He assisted and scored England’s only two goals of the tournament.Even when he had been awarded the captaincy at both Manchester United and England, more questions were asked about his temperament or even his right to be in either team.More questions, and yet more answers (you may notice there is a trend developing). The former Everton man led England to 10 wins from 10 Euro 2016 qualifiers, scored seven goals in eight games and broke his country’s 45-year-old goalscoring record in the process.And yet there are still pundits, journalists and fans alike all saying he should not start in France next summer.Critics will point to his lack of potency for Manchester United this season – just one Premier League goal – but Rooney will point you to five goals in 11 games in all competitions.However, the questions of Rooney are still being asked and he has admitted himself that he needs to be more prolific for United to ease the burden on the 19-year-old shoulders of Anthony Martial.The persistent interrogations of the man 14 goals behind Sir Bobby Charlton’s Manchester United goalscoring record is actually a compliment – that any drop in his impeccably high standards should be cause for concern.So question him, yes, but drop him at your peril, as history shows, Rooney always finds a way to answer his critics, and that is when he is at his best.last_img read more

Wales’ spirit and commitment puts England to shame – Adrian Durham verdict

first_img2 Saturday was all about the football. I didn’t make it back to my hotel after witnessing the tear gassing scenes at the Old Port in Marseille on Friday night. Instead, I stayed at the talkSPORT studio, temporarily housed in an apartment situated near the Old Port, and a 20 minute walk from the stadium. So I was woken early on Saturday by the voice of Joey Barton in the next room, co-hosting the breakfast show with Alan Brazil, who was in Paris.So I got up, and did the walk of shame back to my hotel, around 35-40 minutes away.  Had a croissant on the way, and it was no different to what you’d get in England. Disappointing.Soon it was back to the studio to host the live coverage of the first two games of the day – Albania against Switzerland, and then Wales versus Slovakia. I must say, if you’ve not heard Danny Gabbidon on our commentaries, you’ve missed something special. It’s pure Welsh passion from the Cwmbran kid. I don’t really know Danny, but just listening to him is a joy. He nearly exploded on air when Bale’s free-kick went in.After my shift was done, I walked to the stadium among the England fans, and spirits were good, there was lots of singing – nothing offensive, not even any expletives. I saw one minor altercation when two Russians tried to get in the faces of some English fans, who reacted badly to it, but it was self-policed with other fans breaking up any problem before it even started. In the stadium I met up with my boss, Liam, and we watched the game together, sitting very close to Arsene Wenger, Gerard Houllier and a very moody looking former Villa striker, Savo Milosevic.Here’s my view of the game: first half England were excellent, playing some wonderful football. If Adam Lallana could finish he’d be the perfect player. His pressing is exemplary, his touch and technique as good as I’ve seen from any Englishman since Gazza (and don’t think I’m comparing him to Gazza, I’m not). Raheem Sterling was clean through, but no top level player should be taking three touches in that position, and to not get a shot away was rubbish from him.Russia started pressing in the second half and all of a sudden England lost control of the game, they failed to dominate as they had in the first half. And we seemed to have no answer. I wanted Jamie Vardy on to stretch the opposition, to be more dynamic. Lallana had gone quiet, Sterling had the ball but did nothing with it.Then we got a break, scoring from a free-kick, probably against the run of play, and with 20 minutes left, we should have seen the game out. What followed was amateur. Jack Wilshere coming on was a shrewd move, but why take Wayne Rooney off? He’s the captain, the leader and the players look up to him. And he’d been playing well. Adrian Durham will be bringing you the latest from France every day 2 Full-backs carried on bombing forward, leaving gaps, and tiring themselves out unnecessarily. Only two of the three subs were used which was ridiculous. And James Milner came on to do a job on the left, but defensively he was a headless chicken, over-committing when closing down, meaning a drop of the shoulder from a Russian left him with time and space on the ball.  Poor from some England players, and poor game management second half.I’ve been talking Wales up as a team this week, saying they have something England don’t have that might make up for the fact – and it is a fact – that the Welsh 23 are mostly inferior players to the England 23. That is spirit and commitment. So while Ben Davies bust every sinew to clear off the line for Wales, not one English player did that for the Russian equaliser. Instead they appealed for offside, which it wasn’t. Very disappointing.Away to my right at full time, Russian fans charged at the English, who tried to run out of the stadium, but found that more Russians were charging them from the concourse. It was disturbing to watch. A pincer movement from the Russians, and English fans couldn’t get away. Segregation was poor, stewarding was even worse, policing in the stadium was non-existent. Just a few minutes earlier on the big screen the Russians had been told to stay in the seats at full time. What a joke, so naïve.I walked back to the hotel and crashed out. Our flight back to Paris was cancelled so ‘IMO’ the producer has switched us to the train. Good man…. although I wasn’t saying that earlier in the day when he tried to jump in a cab that wasn’t ours, and managed to annoy some England fans, who weren’t best pleased.last_img read more

Warriors’ Steve Kerr compliments Patrick Beverley’s flopping

first_imgKlay Thompson subscribes. You can too for just 11 cents a day for 11 months + receive a free Warriors Championship book. Sign me up!OAKLAND – Steve Kerr took the bait. After pledging all series long to his players not to pay attention to Patrick Beverley’s antics, the Warriors’ coach could not resist giving him some bulletin board material.OAKLAND, CA – APRIL 24: Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green (23) shoots a layup against Los Angeles Clippers’ Patrick Beverley (21) in the third quarter …last_img

Joe Pavelski gives brief update on contract talks; Jeremy Roenick chimes in on what Sharks should do

first_imgWith less than a month to go before the start of NHL free agency, Joe Pavelski on Tuesday said he remains confident he and the Sharks can reach an agreement on a new contract.“I am still optimistic, we have had a little bit of talks, so hopefully things keep moving forward and go from there,” Pavelski said. “Things can change in a hurry. The discussions are kind of going on right now and we’ll see how they work out. But definitely optimistic. Definitely love it there and we’ll see where it …last_img