Buyo: “At this level, Courtois is among the three best in the world”

first_imgMadrid started badly in defense, but it has improved very fast. What is the password?If you have great defenses and the rest of the team is supportive, everyone works and helps, there is the reason; The teams are assembled from behind. It is also the second year of Courtois, the controversy with Keylor is already far and that tranquility has been very good for the team, the defense and himself.Has it freed you a lot to leave Keylor?In Madrid you are never guaranteed the site, you must always press. Keylor is gone, but there’s Areola, you can’t sleep. Madrid has always had great players, that’s why it is the most successful team, that’s why it has won everything it has won.The Bernabéu came to whistle and in Getafe saved the team. Did he go unfair with him?Madrid has always had great goalkeepers who earned points. He made three fantastic stops. The first, that of Arambarri, is the best. It is a quick and very powerful shot, it was very fast reflexes, it was fantastic. On the pitos, everything coincided: the team was not at its best, neither was it … The first year when you change and team, and more if you arrive at a club like Real Madrid, so demanding, you are under a lot of pressure, you need A period of adaptation. The second year is the year of consecration, when you have to prove. If Courtois continues at this level, it is among the three best goalkeepers in the world, for sure.Is he the best goalkeeper in the league right now? Luckily we have three great references, Oblak, Ter Stegen and Courtois. It is a blessing to have goalkeepers of this level, not forgetting other greats. Spain and Madrid, if they have been characterized by something, is for having high-level goalkeepers.Do you see him winning the Zamora?Madrid is a team that starts with a bit of disadvantage in this regard, the attack prevails more than the defense, not as in other teams that play not to fit and then see if they can do any. We have always had a disadvantage compared to other teams in that aspect, but I see Madrid very aware that it should defend better, be supportive. On Saturday without Ramos, Varane took a step forward, Militao demonstrated his potential, just like Mendy … The important thing for Madrid: that the generational relay in defense is assured.The last white Zamora was Casillas, 12 years ago …Madrid sometimes does not care to fit as long as it gets two, three goals more than the rival. It has always been characterized by clearly playing the attack, among other reasons because the Bernabéu’s own public does not allow you to play backwards, to spare it, to play with the goalkeeper … That he does not like attacks in that stadium.More merit for you, who won the award twice.Two and one who owe me, which I have to claim, they just gave them to Jorge D’Alessandro (those from 1974-75 and 1976-77) and for the same reason I have the one from 1992-93 (I Liaño and Cañizares won, with an average of 0.83 goals per game; Buyo averaged 0.73, but only played 26 games). If they have given it to other colleagues, I deserve it too. It is one thing in which there are already two or three precedents, it is justice. I will claim it.Returning to Madrid 1987-88: that team fit very little and also scored many goals, no less than 95.We defended well, but we attacked better. We played by heart, it was a great team: Quinta del Vulture, Hugo Sánchez. We played football very well, we had a lot of merit.And now Madrid is missing that goal that was then left over?He has fewer goals than he has generated: clubs, rival goalkeepers with outstanding performances … He could perfectly carry ten more goals, but that is what he has. The scorer deficit is there, we will not deny it, but there are other players who must step forward. Benzema has already given it, hopefully Bale, Hazard, Rodrygo or Vinicius do it too. If they do, Madrid will be in safe champion numbers.Do you see league champion?Yes, it is the team that, joining defense and attack, I see more solvent. A team that has grown a lot compared to last year, which was a transition, a bad year in all aspects. Now I see him very solid and mentalized, he will continue to grow and can fight the League; Nor would he rule out for the Champions League, in fact the first goal is already, the Super Cup.Does the Super Cup come to Madrid at a good time?Yes, sorry for Hazard’s injury, a very important casualty. But despite that, Madrid has the potential to conquer the title, sure. Madrid have conceded 12 goals after 19 league games, it didn’t happen since the 1987-88 season, with Quinta del Vulture on the field and you in the goal.I remember we were a great team, we dominated the League, we won five straight. We were a very difficult team to beat, we defended well and attacked better. That team had a lot of merit, and with only three foreigners in addition.center_img Precisely this Madrid what does not dominate is the League.No, but in return he has dominated in Europe. Even so, we are the team with the most leagues. Barça is a great team, with great players, it is normal for me to win titles. It has lost ground with them, but it has also expanded in Champions, I do not know what will be better … Surely for the Real Madrid is a pride.last_img read more

Gil Marín met with the team

first_imgMiguel Ángel Gil, CEO of Atlético, met with the staff and coaching staff of Atlético at the Majadahonda facilities. The rojiblanco leader usually meets them in the middle of each season to assess what has been done so far and also to join forces in the face of what lies ahead. Gil Marín thanked the most veteran for the support they have given to the new, since it is a campaign in which the staff has been renewed and there are many new players on the squad. The newcomers made them see that he is very happy with them for the adaptation they are having in the team and also had words towards the coaching staff. Atlético is third and is meeting the objectives set at the beginning of the season. In addition, the team overcame the group stage of the Champions League, another challenge marked at the beginning of each year. Gil Marín and the squad understand that Atlético let out some points that could have placed the team much higher on the table but they remembered that the Spanish Super Cup is at stake shortly and the leader pointed out that it is an important title for the entity . At Atlético’s locker room there was talk of how important it would be for the international expansion of the club to win the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia and the morale it would mean for the team. The Champions League, with the tie that will be played against Liverpool, is marked in red on the Atlético calendar. Gil Marín, finally, wished all the members of the rojiblanco team a happy year.last_img read more

First afternoons at Johan Cruyff

first_imgQuique Setién is carrying out an accelerated course of adaptation to the Barcelona environment with his team of collaborators. On Tuesday he trained in the morning, at noon he was introduced and re-directed session in the afternoon. He suspended the day off for players to exercise yesterday morning and afternoon He showed up with his entire coaching staff at the Estadi Johan Cruyff to watch the match between the Blaugrana subsidiary and the Badalona.They did not do it alone. There was entrance in the noble zone of the new stadium. Setién, Sarabia, Pascua and Soto were accompanied by the deputy to the sports management, Ramon Planes as well as Guillermo Amor, José Mari Bakero, Joan Barbará, Álex García and Jordi Roura in a box with the presence of former Barça Víctor Muñoz soccer players and Pichi Alonso. A match against Badalona in which García Pimienta’s team, who for hours was a very serious candidate to train the first team, could not count on Riqui Puig, who aims to enter the first team’s list on Saturday to face Granada in the debut of Setién because of the withdrawal of De Jong by sanction, the cession of Aleñá and the physical state of Arthur.last_img read more

The eyes of this dog are so beautiful that you could impersonate a Disney mascot

first_imgWinnie is another animal that has become famous in social networksThis is a UK cocker spaniel puppyWinnie stands out for a sweet look reminiscent of Disney movies Whether we like animals or not, whether they are more fans of cats or dogs, the truth is that humans feel something special every time we see a puppy, regardless of the species. Be it a gorilla, an elephant or a puppy, our heart softens like bread with the image of one of these newborns. However, things can become even more tender when one of the puppies presents typical eyes from Disney movies.Recently a dog puppy has gone viral on social networks, especially his Instagram account, for his adorable appearance that perfectly complements with nice eyes. We talked about Winnie, a cocker spaniel who currently barely has three months of age, but whose profile on Instagram is already followed by more than 235,000 people around the world. And all thanks to its adorable appearance! Cocker Spaniel dog breed. Image: iStockcenter_img In addition to the adorable image we have of any puppy, Winnie loves to look at her owners and the camera with a sweet and tender look, whose eyes seem directly drawn by a Disney artist. It has been this look, that some already compare with that of the Shrek Puss in Boots. Winnie’s short life is being completely transmitted through Instagram, whose owners manage even before birth. The first photograph of it is an ultrasound of Winnie.last_img read more

Leganés and a month of February full of direct rivals

first_imgThe one with more distance from the Blue and Whites is Betis, precisely at those ten points. It is followed by Levante, next Saturday’s opponent (1:00 pm, Ciutat de Valencia) with a margin of eight points, Alavés (just six margin points) and Celta (one point below the blue and white ones. All but the Verdiblancos could be considered direct rivals of Javier Aguirre’s team. The Leganés faces in the remainder of February a vital calendar to achieve salvation in First. Tied to points (18) with Mallorca, the team that marks the border of permanence, the blue and whites will have to play this month against three rivals from which a maximum of ten points separates them. Namely, and in this calendar order: Levante (outside), Betis (Butarque), Celta (outside) and Alavés (Butarque). Vital shocks before which the Leganés starts with an advantage in the golaveraje in only one of them. Lega beat Celta 3-2 on his visit to Butarque. In the other three duels against his February enemies he fell (Levante and Betis) or tied (Alavés). Hence, Aguirre, despite the good streak of the team, remains serene and demanding. That is why, after the euphoria of winning the Royal Society at the last minute last Sunday, the Basque, far from exhibiting euphoria, launched messages of prudence.“It was a happy ending. This goes on… you have to have a good time, but you have to keep squeezing. (…) This is constancy and never let down our guard. We have to understand that we play the descent in each game. We have achieved that dynamic. The players understand what they are like this. This will be all matches. Sometimes they will fall face and sometimes cross. Here, what matters is every day, ”the technician insisted in the press room.last_img read more

Sergi Roberto: “Since the victory it is easier to work”

first_imgSergi Roberto spoke as soon as the match ended at Movistar. -Have they endured more than Betis?-It was a very physical match. They have raised a daring match. It was almost a man to man. In the second part there were more spaces. Even more with expulsions. We have finished dead but at least we get all three points. How much did they need this win?We came from losing in Bilbao, but I think that was unfair. But we had to stay the same. It was important to meet again away from home and we leave happy because this course is costing us a lot.How did you see the arbitration?Well, there have been alternatives in the game, it has been nice for the spectator We leave happy with the three points.Are you beginning to understand Setién better?-Now we have more games, more weeks of training. At the beginning you need an adaptation time, but since the victory it is easier to work. This is the line to follow because they have hardly had opportunities in the second part.last_img read more

Christian, alias ‘Mister 35’

first_img7 Of the 35 goals Cristiano has been leading this season, 24 has marked them in the 29 matches he has played with Juventus. They are broken down as follows: 20 in Serie A, two in the Champions League and two in the Italian Cup. The other 11 goals with which he completes the figure of 35, he has achieved them among the nine games he has played with the selection of Portugal. His average scorer with Juventus this season is 0.83 goals per game, while with the selection is 1.83 points per game.Cristiano is in a position to overcome the 28 goals he achieved last season with Juventus. In the absence of 15 days in Serie A, the dispute of the return of the semifinals of the Cup and a hypothetical final, to the Portuguese star He only has five goals left to beat his 2018-19 season record. Cristiano has completed the circle this Thursday. The Portuguese crack scored in the 91st minute of the cup match against Milan. With this both the Portuguese striker this season adds 35 goals, in 35 games (with Juventus and Portugal) and with 35 years. Round figures for the Juventus striker, who dreams of rising at the end of the season with his sixth Golden Ball.last_img read more

Abelardo: “It’s almost impossible, but in football you never know”

first_imgWhat is the ideal scenario to try to overcome the tie?Let us score four goals, they none and go to extra time. Everything has to be given in favor. It is very very difficult. We look for good feelings, leave the game happy. We have to try to win and score some goal at the beginning.Will Raúl de Tomás play on Sunday?I do not know. I’m being honest. We are on Wednesday. Let’s see, hopefully. Gradually it makes more workloads.After the defeat in Valladolid has the mood improved?It is normal that the mood was not the best. When you go after analyzing optimism, on Monday we had a very positive meeting in the locker room. I am convinced that we will achieve it. I understand the disappointment of people, but we must not forget that we play with a player less. My players left their skin. Does the key to permanence go through home games?The key is to win seven games. I don’t know if it will be here or outside. We have to go to 300 percent. What do we not save ourselves? Well, I don’t know, but we have to go to full milk. With 11 points nobody has been saved, we are going to do the crush. We have to make a second round of Europa League. The other day was a disappointment, but not against Sevilla. When I came I was convinced that we were going to take it out and now I am very convinced that we are going to take it out. But it will cost us a lot of work.Would you settle for a good game beyond the result?I would like to pass, but I would be content to make a good game, get a victory and recover those feelings from the last games we have not been able to win. It is not easy to maintain regularity. It’s all mental, apart from soccer. If we were five points away from the Europa League we would all believe we would get it. We are five of salvation and ready to compete against anyone.Does the match against Atlético start against Wolves?It may be, I had not considered it. We want people to enjoy tomorrow and be proud. That impacts the pride of our players.Are you worried about lack of faith?My team does not lack faith. It is left over. But it is not easy because we have to add many points. The team is looking forward to it, it shows me in each trainingThey haven’t taken David’s card …It was logical, as long as there is contact, they are not removed. Are the cancellations in the call by technical decision?Dídac and Javi are left out by technical decision. It’s a game for Pipa, Victor or Pedrosa to have minutes. Bernardo has a little discomfort in his foot, it was best not to force him. Marc Roca also has a tendon problem. Raúl de Tomás is not 100% yetIn what mood do they face the game?With that of making a good game and winning. We look for that. We have to think about playing a different game than we did there. We play at home. We will try to win and maintain good feelings at home. It’s almost impossible, but in football you never know. Maybe we give a surprise and we can fight the tie.last_img read more

Carlos Alcaraz: future confined in the Equelite Academy

first_imgMeals packages are disinfected earlier than they enter the Equelite Academy. Very near Villena, in the northwest of the province of Alicante, is the place the future of Spanish tennis lives confined. Carlos Alcaraz (El Palmar, Murcia, 16 years previous) passes isolation at the Equelite Academy led by his coach, the former world primary and 2003 Roland Garros champion, Juan Carlos Ferrero.Each arrived collectively at the Valencian college, who lives there along with his spouse and two kids, a day earlier than the begin of the confinement pressured by the coronavirus pandemic. They got here from California, with the disappointment of the cancellation of the Indian Wells and Miami Masters 1,000, two nice alternatives that disappeared from the boy, who had received his first ATP recreation in Rio de Janeiro towards Albert Ramos shortly earlier than. “It’s a disgrace, what I had forward was very good and I used to be taking part in nicely (I used to be going to be in two Challengers and later in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Estoril). However he’s younger and we hope that this example occurs as quickly as potential. And if not, nicely subsequent yr we are going to strive once more to have these events to proceed his profession. I don’t assume this significantly impacts him, “says Ferrero.The primary days after returning to Villena, “Alcaraz rested fully from tennis”, says Antonio Martínez Cascales, a trusted man and one in all the Juan Carlos household for 30 years, when he began coaching him. “At the second we’re making ready him in a easy method, with somewhat motion. We’ll see when there are dates and you may train usually. We’ll set targets, as a result of now it’s tough to work intensely with out having them and with limitations, “explains Ferrero. At Equelite they deal with 40 tennis gamers from varied international locationsThe confinement of March 14 left 40 girls and boys, between 13 and 24 years previous and from varied international locations (Spain, Croatia, Czech Republic, United States …), at the Equelite Academy, who have been dwelling there at the time with six trainers and two kitchen staff. The logistics to return them to their properties have been tough they usually lived collectively beneath strict safety protocols, with separation in the eating room, in the gymnasium and in the rooms. Every morning they obtain an informative speak on the pandemic and the vital precautions. And they’re wholesome beneath the supervision of their adoptive dad and mom, Ferrero and Cascales. Consoles, board video games, books, sequence, and flicks ease your isolation.center_img Carlos is confined between chess video games, some days towards his coach and others towards knowledgeable Academy participant, Mario Vilella (24 years previous). Each obtain English lessons from one in all the lecturers at the heart, who additionally stayed. In the meantime, there’s time for the coach to evaluate the points in which Alcaraz improved: “He wanted a change of power as a result of he was going to play towards bodily made folks. He had it after two months of exhausting coaching and he grew loads (1.85).” That helped him get higher. “I wanted it to belief and get on the observe extra at necessary occasions.”The boy additionally controls his feelings higher and higher: “As a baby, he was explosive in failure, however now he understands what he has to do. He has been working with a psychologist since November. “ It helps him digest the expectations that dangle over him, similar to Ferrero. “We’re used to folks praising him and making him see that he has to at all times go his method. He has nice examples in Spain to attempt to repeat his exploits, however he mustn’t go into comparisons, it might be a critical mistake. “last_img read more

Málaga’s dressing room does not rule out the playoff

first_imgThe confinement has not diminished the ambition of the locker room of Malaga. The blue and white team was at its best of the season when the competition was suspended due to the coronavirus crisis. Just before the break, Málaga accumulated a streak of three victories (Numancia, Cádiz and Racing), a draw (Las Palmas) and an unfair defeat against Zaragoza in a match in which Pellicer’s men were far superior to the whole team.Several of the team’s most important players have recently commented on the goals for the final stretch of the season once the competition resumes. And they aim high. “I hope that we will achieve something in the end. Eleven games left, let’s see. This hobby, which is spectacular, deserves a lot. I always think we’re going to make the playoff. Playoff, playoff, playoff… The playoff is always on my mind, ”says Sadiku. In the same vein Munir expressed himself days ago in an interview with AS: “We play soccer to win and whoever says no, lies. We are winners, we are born competitors and we are going to compete and we are going to fight to enter those six positions“The challenge is huge. With 33 points yet to be disputed, the Blue and Whites are currently fourteenth and the distance that separates them from the promotion playoff positions is eight points.last_img read more